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1001 Incredible Things To Do On the Internet
By Ken Leebow

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 1001 Incredible Things To Do On the Internet

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1001 Incredible Things To Do On the Internet
By Ken Leebow
ISBN: 0446678813
Genre: Non Fiction

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Chapter Excerpt from: 1001 Incredible Things To Do On the Internet , by Ken Leebow


"Do you MIND?!"

Got a Question?
These experts will probably have the answer.

Second Opinion
It's usually a good idea to get a second opinion. From the arts to women's issues, these folks will answer your questions.

There's No Such Thing... a dumb question, and these folks will answer yours quickly.> These sites do charge a small fee.

Kids: Ask an Expert
Here's a kid-friendly site where questions can be answered.

Get Smart
This site will help you make decisions on such topics as politics, pets, health, food, and more.

Decision Time
Need help making a decision? Let this site be your guide- animals, cars, electronics, travel, and more.

Get an Opinion
These sites have information on various products and services ranging from appliances to travel. If you need advice, get an opinion here.

What's Your Opinion?
Since 1935, Gallup has been polling opinions on just about every subject. I think that 99 percent of those who visit this site will enjoy it.

You'll have access to hundreds of current editorials, opinions, commentaries, and columnists from many newspapers and magazines around the world.

Public Agenda
Public Agenda is a nonpartisan organization that addresses a wide> range of issues through research and citizen education.

Think Tank
Unlimited ideas and possibilities come from these think tanks.


Animal Adventures
Kids and adults enjoy Jack Hanna's friendly and humorous animal adventures. Get to know Jack at his site.

World Wildlife Fund
This is a beautiful site that will inform you about life on our> planet and the unfortunate endangerment and extinction of certain animals.

Searching for Animals
This animal-specific search engine has listings from bears to zebras.> Of course, you'll also find animals that are more appropriate to bring home as pets.

Free Willy
This is the Web site of Keiko (of Free Willy movie fame). At one time Keiko lived in a two-million-gallon aquarium. Now you can follow his worldwide travels.


The Best of Art
Need to find information about a certain artist or a particular piece of art? This encyclopedia is a work of art in itself.

The Journal
Each day, Arts Journal combs through more than 180 English-language newspapers, magazines, and other publications that feature writing about arts and culture.

Art History
Art has a very rich history, and you can learn all about it here.

Art Appreciation
Art is alive and well at the National Gallery of Art. Go for a tour today.

Art on the Net
If it has to do with art, you'll find it here.

The carving of eggshells is definitely one of the world's most delicate art forms. Visit this amazing egg sculpture gallery.

It's a Dog's World
These two famous artists have a special way of presenting dogs. Enjoy their creativity here.


Name Brand Auctions
These are all excellent person-to-person auctions where you can buy and sell almost anything you want. Many people have used these auction sites to assist with their businesses.

Doggone Fun
Run over to these sites. They'll sniff out some great deals for you.

Auction Watch
Everybody has the bidding bug, and everything seems to be for sale. Use these sites to get in on the auction action.

I Trust You, But...
...let's use an escrow account for completing our auction transaction.


One of the most exciting uses of the Internet is the ability to watch and listen to video and audio on the Net. RealAudio is a pioneer on the Internet frontier. Download this software today.

Listen Up
There are literally thousands of things you can listen to on the Net using RealAudio. This is a good starting point.

Look Up!
It's a's a's Superman! Listen to the original radio broadcasts.

Safe Listening
Listen to live conversations between air traffic controllers and pilots. When you've heard enough of that, tune in to see what the police are up to.


What Does That Automobile Cost?
Finally, you can be on equal footing with car dealers. No doubt you will know even more about new and used cars than the salesperson does.

Used Car Appraisal
Want to know the value of a particular used car? Check out this handy online version of the National Appraisal Guide.

Kick Them Tires
It's a new world on the Internet. Microsoft offers detailed information about new and used cars.

Yes, you can buy a car on the Net. Autobytel will match you with a local dealer and even promises you a great deal.

Cars Online
Tired of dealing with car salesmen in the showroom? From the comfort of your keyboard, buy your next car online.

Auto Lease versus Purchase
Learn about car leasing and do calculations here before negotiating a lease.

Smart Lease
Arm yourself with all of the details before you lease a car.

Auto Financing
When buying a car, explore your financing options with these people first.

Used Cars
Buy or sell a used car online. AutoTrader has over one million cars listed. When you buy a used car, get the used car facts at Carfax.

Fuel Economy
How many miles to the gallon does your car get? Now you have the answers with a click of the mouse.

Auto Safety
Auto safety is an important issue. Read and learn about crash tests and highway safety.

Car Talk
Tom, Ray, and Autoshop have great automobile information on the Net.

Auto Recalls
Has there been a recall for your car? This site will tell you the repair and recall record for most cars all the way back to 1960.

Everything Automotive
These sites will provide you with a comprehensive parts guide, an encyclopedia, and an auto magazine.


Wanna Buy a Book?
These are great sites on the Net, with book reviews, interviews, and more. Of course, you can also easily search for a particular book and purchase it.

Best Price
Get the best deal you can when you buy a book. These sites search many online bookstores for you.

Rare Books
Looking for a rare book? Bibliofind has a search engine that contains over twenty million old, used, and rare books offered for sale.

New York Times Book Review
Over fifty thousand books are reviewed at this site.

Gutenberg Project
If a book is in the public domain, it can probably be found in its entirety at the Gutenberg Project.

Reading Is Fun
This is the place to explore many great resources related to reading.

Book It!
If you like reading, then I'm sure you'll love listening to these author interviews

Celebrity Read
I don't know where they find the time, but these well-known people apparently manage to read plenty of good books.

Excerpted from 1001 Incredible Things To Do On the Internet , by Ken Leebow . Copyright (c) 2001 by 300INCREDIBLE.COM, LLC. Reprinted by permission of Little, Brown and Company, New York, NY. All rights reserved.

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