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I Had the Strangest Dream...The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century
By Kelly Sullivan Walden

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 I Had the Strangest Dream...The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century

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I Had the Strangest Dream...The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century
By Kelly Sullivan Walden
ISBN: 044669603X
Genre: Inspirational & Self-Help

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Chapter Excerpt from: I Had the Strangest Dream...The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century , by Kelly Sullivan Walden


AA Dreams of AA signify support and that you are taking steps in the right direction. They are either a wake-up call to join this 12-step program, or to step up your participation in your spiritual path. See Alcohol and 12-step Program.

Abandonment If you dream of being left behind, then this is a venting dream helping you to release your abandonment issues. A dream of abandonment is giving you the message that when you stop leaving yourself, as in energetically abandoning yourself, then your fears of others leaving you will leave you. The dream could also denote that you are abandoning an aspect of the past that no longer serves you, or that you desire freedom from responsibilities, worry, control, and inhibitions.

Abdomen The abdomen represents the third chakra, the solar plexus, self-empowerment, and creativity. If you dream of pain in your stomach, you are processing through your blocks to creativity and self-empowerment. See Stomach.

Abduction Dreams of abduction symbolize a fear of being carried away and influenced in a way that could be harmful to you. Perhaps you are processing through feelings of overwhelm or of being overpowered by someone in your life. If you dream that you are the abductor, then the dream reflects your desire to control a person or situation in your life. See Kidnap.

Abortion Dreams of an abortion are about the elimination or interruption of a new relationship, idea, project, or a literal pregnancy. Your subconscious mind may be telling you that just because you are going through a challenge, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If there is sorrow or fear connected to the dream, then take heart in knowing that which is real can never die because the soul lives on forever.

Absence Dreams of the absence of someone you love denote that you are grieving and/or processing a loss and/or transition in your relationship. They are also a reflection of your feelings and attitudes about commitment and a message to become more present in your life.

Abundance Dreams of abundance signify that conditions of wealth abound, and that love, success, fortune, and good things are coming into your life. You are awakening to your infinite nature. See Wish Fulfillment Dreams, page 18.

Abuse Dreams of abuse are venting dreams about control, or the lack thereof. If you dream of being the victim of abuse, then you are venting your connection to the victim archetype and are coming to terms with your own power. You are realizing that it is time either to stand up for yourself or to remove yourself from a nonsupportive situation. If you dream of being the abuser, then you are venting your frustration and rage at feeling out of control. Your subconscious mind may be cautioning you to take responsibility for your feelings and actions and treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Dreams of abuse also reflect the way you treat yourself. See Venting Dreams, page 8.

Abyss A dream of an abyss means that you are connecting with your deeper nature, going beyond the superficial to where your inner rivers run deep and you feel your connection with the soul of the world. If you are afraid of this abyss, then the dream is assisting you to process fears of death, overwhelm, inadequacy, or your own powers.

Accelerator Dreams of an accelerator symbolize the need for speed and your desire to move forward in your life with velocity toward your goals.

Accent An accent in a dream denotes qualities of the country in which the accent is heard. Perhaps you have a desire to stand out in a crowd. Also, a dream about an accent can represent your desire to connect to your heritage or family bloodline.

Accessories Dreams of accessories signify that you are aware of magic that lies in the details of your life, love, affection, and a desire to stand out and have a touch of style. Alternatively, dreams of accessories could represent a feeling of insecurity that would cause you to overcompensate for what you feel is missing. See Bling Bling.

Accident A dream of an accident signifies that you need to pay more attention to what you are doing. This venting dream also indicates a desire for perfection and a fear of making a mistake.

Accordion Dreams of an accordion represent festivities, happiness, and joy. The movement of the accordion suggests that you are connecting with the cycles of life. See Musical Instrument.

Accosting If you are accosted in your dream, then you are releasing your fear of being harmed, hurt, or overpowered. If you dream of accosting someone, then you are exposing and/or releasing aggression and your need to control in a way that has negative consequences.

Account Dreams of an account are about self-worth, checks, and balances. Consider if your emotional/spiritual account is abundant, overdrawn, or balanced. Dreams of an account may be a message to give yourself credit where credit is due, and to be more generous with praise and acknowledgment.

Accountant Dreams of an accountant represent the need to connect with the aspect of you that is logical, reasonable, detached, organized, and detail oriented. This dream may signify that it is time to get into balance with your giving and receiving.

Accusing To dream of accusing reflects guilt, blame, shame, and an unwillingness to take personal responsibility for your life. Dreaming of this offers you the opportunity to own an aspect of your power that you have yet to embrace as you come to realize that blaming or accusing someone for your pain only adds insult to injury.

Ace An ace signifies success and that you are tapping into your natural genius that will help you win in the game of life. You are feeling like a winner. See Gambling and Trump Card.

Achievement Dreams of achievement denote that you have been pushing yourself to discover your personal best and are striving for excellence. A dream of achievement may be a message to celebrate your accomplishments and to prepare for success that is forthcoming. See Wish Fulfillment Dreams, page 18.

Acid Dreams of acid mean that your anger and unexpressed emotions are eating at you. Your subconscious mind is telling you to find a healthy form of expression.

Acne Dreams of acne represent shame, self-criticism, unexpressed rage, and that something is boiling under the surface and it is ready to be popped.

Acorn Dreams of an acorn symbolize great potential. Because the blueprint for the oak tree resides within this tiny seed, an acorn represents the fact that your highest destiny is already alive within you.

Acrobat To dream of an acrobat symbolizes flexibility and your ability to accommodate the desires of the people in your life. It can be symbolic of being head over heals in love with someone.

Across Dreaming of someone being across from you can represent qualities that person is mirroring back to you. He or she may be reflecting your beauty, or an aspect of your shadow you have yet to embrace.

Acrylic Nails Dreams of acrylic nails reflect manufactured ambition and a message to soften your approach to reaching for what you want in life. See Finger and Nail.

Act To dream of putting on an act represents inauthenticity and fear that if you let your true feelings show you will be rejected. A dream of an act is bringing to light the roles you play to get what you need and want in life. See Mask and Play.

Actor/Actress Dreams of an actor or actress represent the archetypes you embody, or the roles you play in life. If you dream of an actor or actress you admire, the dream is revealing qualities that you like most about yourself or aspire to embody. If the actor or actress represents qualities that you dislike, then the dream is assisting you to embrace your shadow. See Famous, Celebrity. See also Integration Dreams, page 10.

Adam and Eve Dreams of Adam and Eve symbolize sexual innocence, temptation, and having all your needs met but your still wanting more. You are on a quest for knowledge and you are expanding and exploring your boundaries. These dreams may be telling you to appreciate what you have instead of coveting that which you don’t. See Yin and Yang.

ADD/ADHD A dream of ADD or ADHD denotes that you’ve been allowing yourself to become distracted from your goals. Perhaps you’ve lost your focus, and the dream is giving you the message to seek support in getting yourself back on track.

Addiction Dreams of addiction are about insatiability or the need for comfort, a quick fix to take the pain away. Keep in mind that within all addictions is a craving for a higher source. See AA, Drugs and 12-step Program.

Address Dreams of an address represent your place in life, your influence on others, your career, status, your self-concept, and identity. If you dream of a former address, then you are releasing past identities or you may be processing moments from the past when you lived at this address. Consider what the numbers add up to. See Number.

Administrator Dreams of an administrator signify that you are taking responsibility for your life and assuming your authority. These dreams might also reflect your issues with authority figures.

Admiral Dreams of an admiral signify that you are standing at the helm of your life, claiming your authority, power, confidence, seaworthiness, and leadership.

Adolescence Dreams of adolescence denote that you are in touch with your passion, eagerness, impetuousness, sexuality, and perhaps rebellion against social rules. Also, you may be going through a transition and a growth spurt, and you are feeling geeky and awkward in your own skin. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams, page 12.

Adoption If you dream of being adopted, then you are grappling with feelings of belonging, abandonment, betrayal, and worthiness. If you dream of adopting a child, this may reflect that you are adopting a new habit or point of view.

Adult Dreaming of an adult signifies that you are embracing the process of growing, the courage it takes to be responsible, mature, and sensible. For some, being an adult represents freedom; for others it represents a burden.

Adultery Dreams of adultery represent your internal struggle with loyalty, guilt, shame, commitment, and promiscuity. Perhaps there is a quality that is missing from an intimate relationship of yours or in your business, and dreaming of adultery is showing you what qualities to cultivate within yourself. If you are grappling with “the grass is greener” syndrome, a dream of adultery may help you to process your feelings and give you a clearer perspective before you do something that you might regret.

Adventure If you enjoy an adventure in a dream, then this indicates a positive and healthy approach to change. If you do not enjoy an adventure you dream of, then this indicates your resistance and reaction to changes that are taking place in your life.

Adversary See Enemy and Integration Dreams, page 10.

Adversity Dreams of adversity reflect your resistance to change and an unwillingness to accept what is. Because solutions are inherent in every problem, dreams of adversity denote your desire to find the solutions you seek. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams, page 12.

Advertisement Dreams of an advertisement signify that you are promoting and selling yourself, and that you desire recognition and status. Dreaming of an advertisement may be cautioning you to read between the lines and to not be easily seduced by the marketing campaigns of the people and products in your life. Alternatively, the dream may be a headline written for you from your higher self. See Sign.

Advice The advice that you give to someone in a dream is always intended for yourself. Consider the advice and take your own medicine.

Aerobics Dreams of aerobics are a sign to get your life into shape and to get a jump on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness. See Exercise and Step Aerobics.

Affection Dreams of kisses, hugs, and compliments symbolize affinity, love, and connection. Consider the person for whom you are feeling affection and remember that that person reflects an aspect of you that you adore. See Kiss.

Affiliate Link Dreams of an affiliate link signify that you are actively supporting people and are being rewarded for it. You are realizing the reciprocation process—that which you give comes back to you tenfold. See Karma.

Afraid If you dream of being afraid, then you are venting your feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy to handle the circumstances you face. See Venting Dreams, page 8.

Africa Dreams of Africa symbolize a desire to get in touch with your heart’s desires and your wild, authentic, untamed nature. See Chakra (4th)and Heart.

Afterlife Dreams of the afterlife represent your awareness of a light at the end of the tunnel. You are recognizing a larger perspective of life beyond the confines of the ego, and that heaven is at hand now. See Death, Heaven, and Reincarnation.

Afternoon Dreams of the afternoon represent illumination, inspiration, and activity. If you dream of a weekday afternoon, then this symbolizes business and productivity. If you dream of a weekend afternoon, then this reflects your need to take a relaxing break.

Age If you dream of being a particular age, then you may be processing your concern about the aging process or dealing with the issues and concerns related to that age. See Adolescence, Birthday, Middle Age, Number, and Old Age.

Agenda Dreams of an agenda represent order and organization of your time, energy, thoughts, and plans. Dreaming of someone having an agenda can also be cautioning you to read between the lines and practice discernment. See Diary.

Agent Dreaming of an agent or advocate represents your own inner support for your product, service, or who you are. A dream of an agent can also be a wish fulfillment dream about your desire for support in your life and in making your dreams come true. The agent in a dream can represent the aspect of yourself that has healthy self-esteem.

Agreeing Because all the characters in your dreams are you, if you are in agreement with someone in a dream, then this represents inner synergy. Consider the feeling tone of the dream, and whether you are agreeing submissively or willingly.

Agriculture Dreams of agriculture symbolize success, abundance, health, and bounty. These dreams might be suggesting that you get back to basics and become grounded in order to receive the fruition of your hard work. See Farm/Farmer, Food, and Harvest.

“Aha” Moment Dreams of an “aha” moment symbolize illumination, clarity, and awakening. Pay particular attention to the context of the “aha” moment. See Lucid Dreams.

AIDS Dreams of AIDS are about sexual shame, blame, or guilt. Perhaps you are venting out feelings of helplessness, defenselessness, and an inability to stand up for yourself. See Disease.

Air Dreams of air signify springtime and youthful innocence, and that you are discovering a fresh outlook on life. Perhaps you are embarking upon a new project that has you walking on air. Also, air is associated with the breath, which is synonymous with spirit. If the air in a dream is pure, this means your spirit feels light and clean. If the air is unclean, then this indicates that you have been weighed down by negativity and it’s time for a breath of fresh air. See Spring and Wind.

Air Conditioner Dreams of an air conditioner mean that you are adjusting your inner temperature. For example, if you were running too hot and heavy, allowing passion and impetuousness to overheat you, then you instinctively know to cool off in order to achieve balance.

Air Force Dreams of the air force signify that you may be forcing your spiritual beliefs onto other people. Or perhaps you are asking for higher guidance as you fight for what you think is right. See Air, Airplane, and Military.

Airplane Dreams of an airplane represent your desire to see life from a higher view, to move out of the mundane ego experience of life, and to begin to take action to live on a higher plane. Dreaming of an airplane can also signify that a dramatic life change is on the horizon. If the plane is in turbulence, this represents your control issues—that you are trying to stabilize your spiritual life, and that a deeper commitment to your spiritual practice is in order. If the plane is still on the ground, then you are being guided to have patience. If you are soaring through the air, then your goals are in midflight, and you are well on your way to manifesting your soul’s desires.

Airport Dreams of an airport symbolize your spiritual center, the place from which you depart and land. This is where you refuel to prepare for your next adventure or flight of fancy. A dream of an airport can also be predicting a major change in your life.

Aisle If you dream of an aisle, then this represents order and a desire for symmetry and precision in your life as you move through into a new life experience. An aisle can also symbolize division, a divide between opposing aspects of yourself. Walking down an aisle represents focus, clarity, and commitment. See Ceremony and Wedding.

Alarm Dreams of an alarm are a message to pay attention and be alert because something important is happening.

Album Dreams of an album symbolize memories and nostalgia. Perhaps you are remembering a past event in order to embrace its lesson and/or blessing. See Gallery and Treasure.

Alchemist/Alchemy Dreams of an alchemist symbolize your ability to transform a negative situation into one that’s advantageous to you. Acknowledging that your awareness turns dross to gold.

Alcohol Dreams of alcoholic beverages represent a desire for escape, freedom, diversion, and a peak experience. Perhaps dreaming of alcohol is revealing that you’ve been numbing your pain and that it is time to soberly deal with the facts of your life. See AA.

Alibi Dreams of an alibi signify that you are hiding something. Maybe you are making excuses to yourself for why you aren’t showing up in life the way that you know you can. Consider the reason for the need of an alibi.

Alimony Dreams of alimony signify that you are honoring past commitments or your karmic debt. Or perhaps you are dealing with unhealed energy that is still lingering from a past relationship.

Alive If there is someone who is dead in real life who is alive in a dream, then you are realizing that your connection with that person is still very much alive. See Awake.

Allergy If you dream of an allergy, then you may be feeling claustrophobic because of stifled expression or repressed emotions. See Sick.

Alley Dreams of an alley are integration dreams reflecting your unrecycled thoughts and feelings, and the clutter that is behind the scenes in your life.

Alligator Dreams of an alligator symbolize the predatory energy in your life, or your fear of being eaten alive, overpowered, or pulled into the swamp of your fears. They could be venting dreams helping you to release your fear about the abuse of power. See Animal.

Allowance Dreams of an allowance symbolize issues of worth, abundance, deservedness, and energy exchange. They are showing you how much prosperity you feel you are worth and how much good you will allow yourself to receive.

Ally Dreams of an ally may be a message for you to become your own best friend and stick up for yourself and recognize your beauty and innocence. See Friend.

Almond Because of its husk, dreams of an almond represent the substance hidden behind a rough exterior, like an ego that guards an open and loving heart. You are realizing that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but that you must look beyond the surface to discover the treasure within. See Nuts.

Alphabet Dreams of the alphabet signify that you are spelling out your feelings and thoughts in a desire to be understood. These dreams may be telling you that if you keep communication simple, it is more apt to be understood.

Altar Dreams of an altar signify that you are devoted to altering your spiritual life and that you have a desire to connect with your higher self. See Sacrifice.

Aluminum Dreams of aluminum signify that you are preserving and protecting your emotional well-being from a chilly disposition or from a heated argument.

Amateur Dreams of an amateur reflect your frustration with your learning curve or the amateur skill level of someone you are working with. They also may be suggesting that your actions are lacking patience and compassion. See Mistake. Dreams of represent curiosity and a desire for knowledge, information, and entertainment. They are telling you that all information resides within your own mind.

Ambassador Dreams of an ambassador signify that you are stepping into leadership and becoming a role model. They may be giving you the message to be responsible and aware that you are acting on behalf of all whom you represent.

Ambulance Dreams of an ambulance are a sign that help is on the way and you would be wise to get your ego out of the way and allow care to be given to the part of you that has been harmed.

Ambush If you dream of an ambush, then you may be contemplating a surprise attack on someone in order to gain leverage in your life. Or you may be venting out feelings of being ganged up on, or that you fear being overpowered or outnumbered.

America Dreams of America signify freedom and expression, and that the land of opportunity resides within you. You are realizing the opportunity to pursue your passion and fulfill your potential that is in your hands.

American Express Card Dreams of an American Express card denote that you shouldn’t leave home without connecting to your spirit and making sure that you carry your sense of self, spirit, and purpose with you at all times. See Credit Card.

American Idol If you dream of American Idol, then you are dreaming of having your talent fully expressed and recognized. It could also be suggesting that it is time to get off the couch and onto the stage. See Fame and Idol. See also Wish Fulfillment Dreams, page 18.

Ammunition Dreams of ammunition signify that you are on the defensive in your life. Perhaps you’ve been firing verbal attacks or feeling the need to protect yourself from caustic energy that is being fired at you.

Amputation To dream of an amputation symbolizes a need for integration because you’ve been feeling scattered or cut off from your source. A dream of amputation can also be showing you where you give your power away. See Body. See also Integration Dreams, page 10.

Amusement Park Dreams of an amusement park symbolize your connection with your childlike, playful essence and to the joy of being alive. Perhaps they are a message for you to enjoy your life, even the ups and downs and highs and lows. See Park and Roller Coaster.

Anchor Dreams of an anchor symbolize your desire for a relationship, a job, or a situation that is solid and stable, and that can ground you in place. Alternatively, dreams of an anchor can represent that you are being weighed down by an obligation or person. Consider the feeling tone of the dream to discern its message. See Commitment.

Ancient Dreams of something ancient signify that you are realizing the elder aspect of yourself, your connection to the part of you that is ancient and wise. Things that are ancient or antique represent importance and value because they have stood the test of time. See Antiques and Elder.

Anesthesia Dreams of anesthesia denote that you may be numbing out your physical or emotional pain. Keep in mind that you cannot heal what you cannot feel. These dreams may also be a sign to call on your support system to see you through a challenging time in your life. See Addiction and Drugs.

Angel Dreams of an angel mean that assistance is yours for the asking. You are tapping into your own healing abilities, your higher guidance, and the realization that you are loved, adored, and always being guided. See Miracle. See also Prophetic Dreams, page 17.

Anger Dreaming of expressing anger is a healthy way to vent your frustrations and hurt feelings in a way that may be socially unacceptable in real life. Keep in mind that your anger, if channeled properly, can be the creative fuel you need to manifest your heart’s desires. See Venting Dreams, page 8.

Anger Management If you dream of anger management, then this symbolizes a need to take responsibility for your power and energy and funnel your frustration into productive outlets.

Animal Dreams of an animal signify that you are connecting with your wild side, basic instincts, and survival needs. Consider the type of animal. See Zoo.

Ankle Dreams of an ankle symbolize flexibility. They are a message for you to relax and go with the flow of life. If you dream that your ankle is broken, then this reflects that you are resisting where life is moving you and that your rigidity is making it difficult for you to proceed. See Body.

Anniversary If you dream of an anniversary, then you are connecting with the rewards of your staying power and the strength of your commitment and fortitude. See Birthday or Wedding. See also Wish Fulfillment Dreams, page 18.

Announcer Dreams of an announcer symbolize the aspect of you that is objective and impartial, and it is delivering a message to you loud and clear.

Anorexia Dreams of anorexia symbolize self-control, austerity, self-sacrifice, and a desire for perfection. They are giving you the message to get back into balance and feed your soul.

Antelope Dreams of an antelope symbolize knowledgeable and decisive action.

Antenna To dream of an antenna symbolizes connection to your intuition and telepathy. It is a message to pay attention to all communication that you are transmitting and receiving.

Antibiotics Dreams of antibiotics symbolize a desire for healing solutions, health, and well-being. They could be suggesting that you take preventive care to avoid the need for antibiotics in the future. See Medicine.

Antidote A dream of an antidote denotes that you are in the process of discovering answers because subconsciously you know that within every challenge resides a solution. See Band-Aid and Cure.

Antiques Dreams of antiques signify nostalgia, style, elegance, and a reverence for tradition. Perhaps you are reconnecting with your old-fashioned values, or your dreams are telling you that you are living in the past.

Antiseptic Dreams of an antiseptic are a message to take preventive measures that will protect you from getting hurt in a relationship or your career.

Antlers Dreams of antlers symbolize protection, bravado, and the desire to seem more powerful than you actually are. Antlers, like antennas, can also symbolize intuition.

Ants Dreams of ants signify that you’ve been taking the little things in life for granted, sweating the small stuff, and being easily bugged by life’s minor annoyances. They can be a message to respect the details in life because it is the little things that make a difference. Also, dreams of ants are telling you that your patience will pay off in time, and that when you engage in teamwork, you will move mountains.

Anxiety Dreams that carry an anxious feeling represent resistance to your life circumstances or that you are grappling with your fears. See Venting Dreams, page 8.

Anxiety Attacks If you dream of an anxiety attack, then you are confronting your fear of death and being out of control. The dream is showing you that you’ve been out of sync with the grace and ease of your true being. Consider that if your mind is powerful enough to create anxiety, imagine what else it can create for you if you focus on what you would prefer to manifest.

Ape Dreams of an ape show that you are connecting to your primal feelings, sexuality, power, and perhaps feeling a desire to dominate and express the largess of your being. See Animal.

Apocalypse Dreams of an apocalypse are helping you process through an ego-annihilating experience. They also reflect that you are on the verge of a major transformation. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams, page 12, and Venting Dreams, page 8.

Apostle Dreams of an apostle signify that good news is coming your way. A dream of an apostle can be alerting you to pay attention to a guru/teacher that will be appearing in your life, or that the guru/teacher that you’ve been praying for is you. See Ambassador and Angel.

Appendix Dreams of pain in the appendix are venting dreams that are assisting you to move past feelings of self-denial, anger, and resentment that are rooted in your family history. The more acute the pain, the more acute your self-disdain.

Appetite Dreams of an appetite mean that you have a zest for life. Consider what it is—validation, love, support, stimulation, recognition, etc.—you are hungry for.

Applause Dreams of applause symbolize your desire for approval and positive feedback or to give praise, recognition, and acknowledgment.

Apple A dream of an apple symbolizes fertility, health, the divine feminine, or the vagina. Whether you are male or female, dreams of a ripe, juicy red apple may suggest that it is time for you to celebrate your femininity. If an apple is unripe or bitter, then the dream is cautioning you to be patient in your endeavors. If an apple is rotten, then you’ve been neglecting your inner goddess.

Apprentice To dream of the television show The Apprentice or of actually being an apprentice signifies that you are learning, growing, and applying your talent in the real world. A dream of an apprentice may be giving you the message to follow in the footsteps of a master. See Donald Trump.

April Dreams of April represent the beginning of a new chapter in your life and the joy of new love. They are giving you the message to be patient with the new seeds of future visions that have recently been planted. See Rain and Spring.

Apron Dreams of an apron signify that you are connecting with your maternal energy and are perhaps cooking up something delicious in your life. Because an apron is worn around the waist and covers your first three chakras—the root, sacrum, and solar plexus—this dream of an apron suggests a desire for protection against spills, thrills, and sexual projections.

Aquarium Dreams of an aquarium represent your desire to contain the ocean of your emotions and control the passion of your sexual expression. See Fish and Water.

Aquarius To dream of the Aquarius astrological sign signifies that you are connecting with your spiritual, mysterious, and imaginative nature. It may be giving you the message to find a healthy and productive outlet for your creativity.

Arch To dream of an arch suggests that you are connecting with or desiring connection with the feminine aspect of your being, that you are craving safety, nurturing, and support.

Archery Dreams of archery signify that you have single-minded focus and are on track with your visions and goals. See Goddess (Artemis).

Architect Dreams of an architect denote that you are taking responsibility for your life and are creating the blueprint for your dreams and goals. When you have these dreams, perhaps you are in the midst of manifesting or building a career or relationship.

Arena Dreams of an empty arena signify that you are going to be entering a challenging period of your life. If an arena is filled, then they are about your being in a situation that is calling for your competitive nature to kick in. See Sports and Stadium.

Arguing To argue in your dream reflects your internal struggle with your own conflicting needs and belief systems. You are grappling with your inner polarities and paradoxes, attempting integration and synergy. See Integration Dreams, page 10.

Aries Dreaming of the astrological sign Aries denotes rank, spontaneity, dynamism, naïveté, and idealism. See Fire, Spring, and Ram.

Ark Dreams of an ark symbolize your awareness of your inner sanctuary that will always carry you through the turbulent waters of life. Perhaps you desire to be in a partnership, realizing the strength and benefits that a relationship can bring you, or you are developing balance and synergy between your masculine and feminine energies.

Arm Dreams of an arm signify that you are reaching for something, and/or that you have the ability to embrace and extend yourself to another. If the arm is broken, then there is a break in your ability to embrace, hold, or envelope something or someone. The right arm represents giving strong support. The left arm represents receptivity and the ability to lift, push away, or hold something or someone. If the arms are crossed, then this represents protection and boundaries. If the arms are open, then they represent that you are openhearted and trusting of the people in your life.

Army Dreams of an army signify that you are preparing for an attack or that you are feeling a threat to your survival or well-being. See War.

Arrest Dreams of being arrested symbolize a fear of being caught, found out, discovered, and punished. They can also mean that you are blaming and judging others.

Arrow Dreams of an arrow represent direction, focus, and the ability to be clear about where you are going. Arrows are symbolically connected with the goddess Artemis, who is the archetype of independence and focus, and one who goes after her dreams. An arrow is also associated with Eros, the Greek god of love, which can mean that you are in the honeymoon stage of romantic love. See Archery and Goddess (Artemis).

Art/Artist Dreams of art are a message for you to express your unique, creative style of expression. Perhaps art you dream about is the inspiration for a piece of art you are being guided to create in your waking life.

Arteries Dreams of arteries signify affluence and that you are in the flow of life. If you dream that an artery is blocked, then you are resisting your creative flow of joy, vitality, and abundance, and the dream is a sign to take action to clear out all nonsupportive energy from your life that would impede your flow.

Arthritis Dreams of arthritis signify that you are having difficulty asking for what you really want and you are resisting reaching for your dreams.

Ashes Dreams of ashes symbolize completion, transformation, death, and rebirth.

Asia Dreams of Asia symbolize discipline, manners, and technology. See Karate.

Assassin/Assassination Dreams of an assassin symbolize extreme, calculated self-defense, and perhaps an attempt at killing off an undesirable aspect of yourself. See Killing. See also Integration Dreams, page 10.

Asthma If you dream of having asthma, this signifies that you are grappling with feelings of unworthiness, being smothered, and that there is not enough room for you to be completely yourself. Breath is associated with spirit or life force, so dreaming of having asthma may be giving you the message to reclaim your power and life force. See Air.

Astrologer/Astrology Dreams of an astrologer represent your desire to understand the outcome of a situation and may be an exploration of your own psychic and intuitive gifts. Also, dreams of the zodiac or your astrological sign represent success in your career, relationships, and fortune, and that you are synergizing with the healing energy of the planets, elements, cycles, and seasons. See Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, or Virgo. See also Prophetic Dreams, page 17.

Astronaut Dreams of an astronaut signify that you are breaking through barriers, shooting for the stars, and realizing that even the sky is not the limit.

Athlete Dreams of an athlete signify competition, a desire to become your personal best, and that you are striving for success. Perhaps you are working toward your goals and are stretching beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Atlas Dreams of an atlas can refer to Atlas, the Greek God depicted carrying the world on his back, which represents your concern for the people of this world, and is possibly a suggestion to explore new territory. See Codependence and World.

ATM Dreams of an ATM symbolize quick access to power, energy, knowledge, and resources. Pay attention to the PIN number; the number might be valuable to you. See Money, Number, and PIN.

Attack Dreams of an attack are about suppressed emotions. You are realizing that what is suppressed must eventually express itself. The message of dreams of an attack may also be to prepare you to protect yourself from negative projections coming your way, or to find a healthy outlet for your stress. See Anger and Victim.

Attic Dreams of an attic symbolize higher consciousness, wisdom, and resources. If a house represents your body, then the attic represents your mind and your belief systems. See House.

Attraction Feeling attracted to someone in a dream symbolizes connection, resonance, affinity, and unification with aspects of yourself you have projected onto this person. See Love.

Auction Dreams of an auction represent opportunistic thinking, and mean that you may be selling your talent to the highest bidder, and grappling with integrity issues and worthiness.

Audience Dreams of an audience symbolize a feeling that you are performing in your life and being judged and evaluated. Perhaps you are feeling the need for reassurance and validation.

Audition Dreams of an audition represent control, security issues, and a desire for acceptance.

Aunt Dreams of an aunt represent feminine endearment and nurturing, maternal support.

Aura If you dream of seeing someone’s aura, this represents seeing that person’s energetic essence, his or her soul, the truth about the person regardless of his or her words, demeanor, or reputation. If the aura has a color, see Color, Light, and Spirit.

Author Dreams of an author signify personal power, and when you write something in a dream, you are attempting to right something that went wrong. Consider the words you have written.

Autograph The act of writing your name in a dream is symbolic of sharing your energy with someone. If you receive an autograph you are connecting with the person and are allowing the person to make an impression on you.

Autopsy Dreams of an autopsy represent acceptance and/or denial regarding a present situation or end of a relationship. You are wanting to understand what went wrong.

Autumn If a dream takes place in autumn, then this represents introspection, intuition, preparation, depth of feeling, maturity, middle age, and means that you are gathering things together and moving inward. A dream taking place in autumn is giving you the permission to reap the rewards of your labor and focus on being instead of doing. See Middle Age and West.

Avalanche Dreams of an avalanche signify that you are feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks, releasing frozen emotions, hitting a breaking point, and you are no longer able to suppress your emotions. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams, page 12.

Awake Dreams of being awake represent mastery, advanced awareness, and enlightenment. To become aware of what was previously a blind spot means that you are coming into clarity and having a spiritual awakening. See Lucid Dreams.

Award Dreams of an award symbolize success, fortuitous events, and acknowledgment. You are coming into a feeling of worthiness. See Wish Fulfillment Dreams, page 18.

Ax Dreams of an ax represent an ending, a severed bond, and a drastic halt to a pattern or person in your life that is unhealthy. See Knife. See also Integration Dreams, page 10.

Excerpted from I Had the Strangest Dream...The Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century , by Kelly Sullivan Walden . Copyright (c) 2006 by Kelly Sullivan Walden . Reprinted by permission of Little, Brown and Company, New York, NY. All rights reserved.

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