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2" x 4" Magnifying Lens with ErgoTouch Grip
From Bausch & Lomb

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2" x 4" Magnifying Lens with ErgoTouch Grip
Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

The 2" x 4" Magnifying Lens, with ErgoTouch grip, from Bausch & Lomb is a wonderfully handy magnifier. It is the perfect size for use when reading a book or the newspaper, and it is very light weight. The handle is covered with a nonslip, soft feeling material that makes the magnifier comfortable to hold. The handle angles off from one side the magnifier and has a slight indentation that your thumb naturally fits into. On the side opposite the handle, there is a small ledge with a finger grip that can be used to steady the magnifier if you have difficulty holding it steady with one hand.

The 2x powered, 8 diopters, rectangle-shaped lens, in this magnifier, is made of optical quality acrylic. The wide width of the lens provides a clear viewing area. Over all, I found this magnifier to be extremely well made. It is also very comfortable to use, so much so that I found that I could use it for long periods without my hand becoming fatigued from holding it.

This review was originally published - April 14, 2002

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