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Carson Remov-A-Lens

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Carson Remov-A-Lens

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Carson Remov-A-Lens
A 3 in 1 Lighted Hand-Held Magnifier
Model Number: RL-30
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - March 31, 2009

The Carson Remov-A-Lens is a handy and unique low vision aid. At its heart it is a 3 in 1 lighted hand-held magnifier that has three interchangeable lenses. It comes in a sturdy, padded, zippered case. When you open the case, you will find the handle for the magnifier and three magnifier lenses. Two small, but extremely bright LED lights are located in the handle, as is a small fold out set of legs that allow for the magnifier to be used hands-free. (The LED lights run off of 3-AAA batteries, which are not included with the set.)

The interchangeable magnifying lenses that comes with the handle include a 2X 110mm rimless round acrylic lens, a 2X rimless rectangular acrylic lens, and a round 4X dual acrylic lens. To use a lens, simply select the one you want, and snap into the head of the handle. To switch lenses, you simply press the buttons on both sides of the handle and the lens that is in place will free itself, allowing you to remove it and snap in the next lens you want to use. I found that switching the lenses to be extremely easy, I would, however, recommend that you hold the lense in one hand while you press the release buttons with the other, or else lay the magnifier on a flat surface when hitting the release buttons because it tends to kick the magnifying lens clear of the handle, and otherwise you might end up dropping it. Also, to release the lens, you have to press both release buttons simultaneously, which helps prevent accidental releases if you happen to press one of the buttons by mistake.

The handle for the Carson Remov-A-Lens is on the broad side and features a comfortable non-slip, ergonomic grip. At first glance I thought that the handle would be awkward to use, but I found it to be very comfortable, even after a period of prolonged use. As well, even with the batteries installed and a lens attached, I found the magnifier to be very light weight and easy to use. The lights are exceptionally bright, and provide ample light for reading or for simply illuminating whatever you are looking at. All three lenses provide for crystal-clear viewing, and the variety of shapes, sizes, and magnification strengths enable you to choose the best fit for the particular type of material you are reading or the project you are working on. I particularly liked the rectangular lens for reading books because I found that its extra width, when compared to a round lens, minimized the need to move the lens back and forth to read an entire line. In addition, the 4X lens is perfect for those time when you need a little more magnificaiton, or when you are trying to read small print.

In addition to being an outstanding visual aid for those of use with low vision, as well as for those who just need a little extra magnification on occasion, the Carson Remov-A-Lens makes for a terrific gift! The carry case is very attractive, and the uniqueness of this 3 in 1 magnifier makes it an unusual yet wonderfully practical gift for all those occasions when you just cannot think of what to get for that someone special in your life with low vision!

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