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5" Magnifying Lens with ErgoTouch Grip
From Bausch & Lomb

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5" Magnifying Lens with ErgoTouch Grip
Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

Bausch & Lomb's 5" Magnifying Lens with ErgoTouch grip is a large, yet amazingly light weight magnifier. The power of the main, 5" diameter lens, is 2x. Inserted within this larger lens is a smaller, 1" diameter lens with a 4x power. This higher powered lenses is found at the base of the main lens, just above the handle. This position ensures that it is out of your main line of sight when using the main lens. Yet, it is still handy for those times when you need a higher powered lens, such as for reading the small print in a document.

The lenses in this magnifier are both made from optical quality acrylic, which provides distortion free viewing. This magnifier also comes with an ErgoTouch grip. In other words, the handle of the magnifier is covered with a soft, yet nonslip material, and the handle, itself, has been ergonomically designed so that the magnifier is comfortable to use. Furthermore, to reduce fatigue, and to steady the magnifier, a stabilizing edge is located opposite the handle, which you can hold to help steady the magnifier.

This is a great magnifier that provides a large, clear viewing area. The only fault I found with this magnifier is that the stabilizing edge would have been better if it was a little large. I found this edge difficult to grasp, because my fingers kept sliding off of it. It was handy, however, for resting the magnifier on the hand I was not holding it with. I found this to be a fatigue free way of holding the magnifier when I was using it for a long period.

Due to its shear size, this magnifier is naturally heavier than magnifiers with smaller sized lenses. It was, however, far lighter than I expected it to be. I would not want to use this magnifier for long periods of time, such as when reading a book, simply due to weight. Nonetheless, its extra-large viewing area makes it very handy, especially when you only need to use it for a short period.

This review was originally published - - April 14, 2002

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