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The Complete Book DVD
Compiled by Richard Seltzer

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The Complete Book

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The Complete Book DVD
Compiled by Richard Seltzer
B&R Samizdat Express - September 6, 2004
ISBN: 0-931968-93-3
Genre: Compilation - Fiction and Nonfiction

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - September 29, 2004

Please note: As of 12/8/2008, this DVD now contains 19,304 books on 3 DVDs.

How strong are you? Ever imagine that you could hold more than 7,000 books in the palm of your hand, or slip them into your pocket? Imagine no more, because you can. Richard Seltzer's new Complete Book DVD contains the text of more than 7,000 books. All these books have been copied onto a single DVD computer disc that weighs less than an ounce! For a number of years, Seltzer has been compiling massive book anthologies, and offering them for sale on CD (compact discs). This new anthology consists of all the books contained in his seven Classic Collection CDs. Also included on the Complete Book DVD are several of his themed collections including his Cook Books and Victorian Advice, Etiquette & Text Books CDs, as well as an array of Australian and Canadian literary classics.

The Complete Book DVD is a monumental collection of books that is a must for every household, library, school, and college student. In this collection you'll find books ranging from the works of Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Lewis Carroll, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jane Austen, Daniel Defoe, Plato, Alexandre Dumas, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jules Verne, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Julius Caesar. The vast majority of the texts in this collection are in English, or have been translated into English, however you'll also find an assortment of works in Latin, French, German, and other languages.

This collection represents a tremendous resource for students and for the general reader who desires a convenient and inexpensive means of acquiring, and storing an entire library of literary classics and nonfiction works. The nonfiction books in this collection cover a diverse range of subjects, from history and geology texts to books on public speaking and books about fine art.

For students, especially those in high school, and at the college level who must purchase books for literature courses, this collection will be a boon to your budget. Granted, you might not find every book you need in this collection, however, if the book is currently in the public domain, you have a good change of finding it here! In addition to those seeking out 'required reading' books, this collection offers a wealth of books that will keep any reader busy for years. From children's books such as The Wizard of Oz and The Velveteen Rabbit to more adult fare, such as the works of Henry James and William Shakespeare, this collection has something for every member of the family. In short, this is a highly recommended collection of books. It also makes an ideal gift, for any occasion.

Most important, the Complete Book DVD is a boon for anyone who is blind, visually impaired, or who has a print or mobility disability that makes it difficult for them to read standard print or hold a book. All of the books contained in this collection are presented in a plain-text format. Consequently, if you are able to read text files on your computer, you will be able to read the books in this collection. You can manipulate the font size and color of the text to suit your needs, as well as the background color, if the program you use to open the files normally allows such operations. In addition, these files are fully compatible with any screen reading, magnification, or text-to-speech program that can open plain text files. Best of all, unlike scanned books, these are all 'clean' copies of the books. No unusual characters, scrambled words, or other annoyances that can occur when a book is scanned into a computer. In short, this DVD book collection offers individuals with any type of 'print' disability access to an entire, and priceless, library of accessible books.

Please keep in mind that this is a DVD designed to be used only on a PC running Windows. You will also need to have a web browser such as Explorer or Netscape, a word processing program such as Word or WordPerfect, or a text editing program such as EditPad or NotePad, in order to open the text files. You can also open these files with programs such as OpenBook. In addition, you will need to have a DVD disc drive on your computer in order to use this disc. Also, if you have your disc drive set to automatically search for .exe files, when you first insert the disc the computer will start to look for an execute (run) program. There is not one on this DVD, so you can either hit the cancel button, and open the disc by going to your my Computer file and searching for your DVD disc drive, or you can let the computer run through the search mode. It will then (at least with Windows XP) ask you how you want to open the disc. If you choose this option, be patient. With over 7,000 files on this disc, this process can take some time.

For visually impaired readers, in particular, you will find that this collection is remarkably easy to navigate, despite the size of the collection. Seltzer has painstakingly organized the books into thematic categories, namely: Within these main categories you'll find that the books are organized into intuitive subsections. In addition, most of these subsections are subsequently organized by subject matter or author's name.

In the past, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to review many of Seltzer's CD book collections, and I've provided links to some of those reviews below. If you take a look at those reviews, please keep a few things in mind. Seltzer is continually updating his collections. For example, when I first reviewed his American Literature CD, in 2001, there were only 380 books in the collection. Currently his American Literature CD contains more than 990 books! Also, the Complete Book DVD contains only plain text files from the CD collections. It does not contain any images, screen reading software, or other types of files that you will often encounter in his CD book collections. In addition, the organization of the files in the CD collections differs slightly from that of the DVD collection. My reviews of the following collections will help to give you an idea of the breadth of material that you'll find in the Complete Book DVD collection.

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