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Rumpole Rests His Case
By John Mortimer
Read by Tony Britton

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Rumpole Rests His Case

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Rumpole Rests His Case
By John Mortimer
Read by Tony Britton
The Audio Partners Publishing Corp., (2002)
Seven Complete Stories on Six Cassettes
ISBN: 1-57270-281-8
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 12, 2003

Rumpole Rests His Case contains seven exhilarating tales by Sir John Mortimer that feature the indomitable barrister, Horace Rumpole. This is the second collection of Rumpole tales issued by Audio Editions Mystery Masters, and it represents a fantastic accompaniment to the first volume of stories, Rumpole on Trial.

The audio edition of Rumpole Rests His Case is read by Tony Britton, a well seasoned British actor who has appeared, to critical acclaim, in such stage hits as My Fair Lady where he played in the role of Henry Higgins. He also starred as Henry Hobson in Hobson's Choice. In addition to his stage credentials, Britton was in several films including There's a Girl in My Soup and The Day of the Jackal, he also starred in a variety of long-running television series such as Father Dear Father. His reading of these tales is enthralling, vibrant, and humorous. The stories are funny in their own right, however Britton's reading brings the characters to life, allowing you not only to laugh at them, but also along with them.

Rumpole is a rotund, quick-witted, and somewhat weatherbeaten lawyer who has a habit of taking on those cases that no one else will take because they think that the case is hopeless. Rumpole seems to take a perverse pleasure is solving the unsolvable, and then rubbing it in the nose of his colleagues, and enemies, in the fact that he did the impossible - again! In one case in this collection, Rumpole manages to do the impossible while stuck in the hospital.

Mortimer's Rumpole stories served as the basis for the excellent PBS-TV series, Rumpole of the Bailey. For those who have watched the series, but have never read or heard one of Mortimer's Rumpole stories, this audio edition will be a real treat. The Rumpole in Rumpole of the Bailey series was played by Leo McKern, and you will find that his interpretation of the character exactly matched that of Mortimer's Rumpole.

Mortimer was a barrister, himself, so he brings a sense of reality to the stories that elevates them to a level above that of simply being well wrought stories. Mortimer, through Rumpole, satirizes the British legal system and the 'traditions' that circumscribe a barristers life and work. In this premier collection of Rumpole stories, we find that the esteemed barrister has once again surrounded himself with a eclectic assortment of clients and cases, from blackmailers to antismoking radicals, and of course, his indomitable wife, Hilda a.k.a. "She Who Must Be Obeyed."

If you are not already a card carrying Rumpole fan, you will be after listening to these well-plotted, witty stories!

The seven tales contained in this collection include:
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