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The 9-11 Commission Report

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The 9-11 Commission Report
For the Visually Impaired
By the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks
A Service of the Virginia M. Woolf Foundation, 2004

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - October 29, 2004

The events of September 11, 2001 were both shocking and dispiriting. Why and how were the terrorists able to highjack four passenger jets. Two were destined to fly into the World Trade Towers in New York City, one into the Pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania. Since that horrific day, politicians, military leaders, and the general population have tried to come to terms with what happened, and to learn from the mistakes made that day so that a similar event can be avoided.

The end results of all the investigations, hearings, and inquiries on the events of September 11th that were held by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks has been published. The authorized edition of their results was entitled, The 9/11 Commission Report. This massive document contains more than 560 pages of information, printed in a small type face.

The type face used to print this document makes it difficult for visually impaired readers to access this important piece of data. Due to the significance of this report, Text-Key and the Virginia M. Woolf Foundation have just released a large print, accessible version of this report for the visually impaired community.

The Text-Key edition of the 9-11 Commission Report is produced in ELF format (enhanced letter format) and is distributed on Compact Disc. You will need a computer with a CD-Rom player to access the report. The actual report is in the form of a PDF file that is opened using the Adobe Reader program. This large print edition is preset to display the text in a 28-point type face. This can be enlarged using the magnification tool that is embedded in the Adobe Reader program. You can also read this report using most computer screen reading programs.

You will also find, if you look at the actual files contained on the CD, the 9-11 Commission report is offered in several different formats including a standard print version, a plain text version, a printable edition, and the default, large print edition. You can access the printable version directly from the default edition. You can reach the standard print, and plain text versions of the document by inserting the CD into your CD-Rom drive, click on the 'My Computer' Icon on your computer, and then right click on your CD-Rom drive letter. This will open a new window that lists all the files contained on the CD.

In addition to this important government report, Text-Key also offers a host of fiction and nonfiction books, in accessible formats, for the visually impaired. Their selection of books run the gamut from The Call of the Wild by Jack London to Mom's Mid-America Cookbook.

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