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A Miss Marple Mystery By Agatha Christie
Ulverscroft Large Print, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-44480-232-0
Genre: Crime, Mystery

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - June 25, 2010

During a vacation in the Carribean, Miss Jane Marple joined forces with a fellow vacationer by the name of Mr Jason Rafiel, to uncover a murderer and to prevent him from killing again. A mystery that was chronicled in Agatha Christie's novel, A Caribbean Mystery. A year or so has elapsed since Miss Marple and Mr Rafiel last met, and as fate would have it they were never to meet again. That did not preclude them, however, from joining forces to solve another mystery.

Mr Rafiel has, not unexpectedly, died. A wealthy business man, he has left Miss Marple a hefty bequest of twenty-thousand pounds - with one caveat. To collect this handsome sum she must first solve a baffling mystery, and she has only one year to do so. What makes this mystery so baffling is that Mr Rafiel did not leave any clues to what the mystery is. So before she can solve it, Miss Marple must first determine what it is she has to solve - a task that is perhaps to be as difficult to conclude as the actual mystery.

This delightful case is chronicles in Nemesis, a book which is perhaps one of Christie's most complex mysteries and one that is extremely fun to try to solve before Miss Marple does! For those not already familiar with Miss Marple, she is a spinster. She's an elderly English lady who loves her garden and enjoys knitting. She is also an amateur sleuth who has a knack for stumbling upon murders - and for figuring out who the murderer is, even when Scotland Yard is stymied. Of all of Christie's detectives, it is safe to say that Miss Marple is the most loved. She is everyone' grandmother and a role model for both men and women of all ages.

I don't think that I'm giving anything away by saying that in the end, Miss Marple manages to figure out what mystery Mr Rafiel wants her to solve - and she does indeed solve it. You would not expect anything less from our dear Miss Marple. In the interim, you are treated to a fascinating foray into a seemingly insolvable mystery where you'll accompany Miss Marple and a host of very interesting English characters on a tour of famous English houses and gardens. Of course, you'll stumble upon a murder victim or two. Best of all, the solution to this mind-boggling case will leave you both satisfied and eager to read more cases solved by this remarkable detective.

While this story builds, in some small measure, on the events that occurred in A Caribbean Mystery, you can read the books in any order desired. As a side note, Nemisis was the last Miss Marple novel that Agatha Christie wrote, although it was not the last one published. That honor fell to the book Sleeping Murder, which Christie wrote some thirty years before its release, with the intention of it eventually being the final book in the Miss Marple series.

Nemesis can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft.

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