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The South Beach Diet Cookbook
By Arthur Agatston

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The South Beach Diet Cookbook

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The South Beach Diet Cookbook
By Arthur Agatston, M.D.
Random House Large Print, (2004)
ISBN: 0-375-43343-0
Genre: Cookbooks, Diet

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 18, 2004

Thousands have read Doctor Arthur Agatston's bestselling book, The South Beach Diet , and many are following his modified carbohydrate diet. In The South Beach Diet , which details his theories and outlines the basics of his dietary plan, he explains what you should and should not eat. Followers of the diet strive to limit their intake of carbohydrates and sugar, but they still include them in their diets unlike some other diet plans that totally eliminate one or more food groups or items. Yet knowing what is recommend and finding dishes that suit your tastes and the dietary regiments dictated by the South Beach Diet can be daunting - or at least it was. With the introduction of The South Beach Diet Cookbook, followers of the plan now have a handy guide that explains the basic tenets of the diet, offers advice on how to stock your kitchen, and which offers more than 200 recipes that conform to the South Beach Diet. Written by Dr. Agatston, this cookbook also includes a question and answer section with Agatston's answers to questions that ordinary people have asked about the diet, such as, "Is it safe for children to follow the South Beach Diet?"

Even if you are not a follower of the South Beach diet, you'll find that this cookbook has a lot to offer. The recipes are clear and easy to follow, and not in the least 'quirky' or off-the-wall. All the recipes include nutritional information, and for those on the diet, each recipe carries a notation as to which phase of the diet a given recipe is suited for (there are three phases to the South Beach Diet).

Throughout this cookbook, Agatston offers tips on healthy eating habits and tips on how to make the most of his diet plan. In addition, this cookbook is well illustrated with pictures of the various dishes, and it includes a sampling of recipes from restaurants in Florida, New York, and Nevada. These include a recipe for Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto with Organic Short-Grain Brown Rice from the Bleau View at the Fontainbleau Hilton Resort in Miami Beach and one for Spanish Spiced Rubbed Chicken with Mustard-Green Onion Sauce From the Bolo Restaurant & Bar in New York City.

The recipes in this cookbook run the gamut from Turkey Patties with Fennel and Bombay-Style Sole to South Beach Ballpark Mustard and Chocolate-Swirled Cheesecake. This cookbook is organized like a traditional cookbook with the recipes divided into nine thematic sections: The South Beach Diet Cookbook is well indexed, making it easy to find any recipe you happen to be looking for. Meat eaters will find recipes for everything from pork tenderloin to filet mignon. However, one of the things that I especially like in this cookbook is the section on vegetarian entrees. Too often vegetarian dishes are relegated to the appetizer or side dish categories. In this cookbook Agatston has included a substantial selection of vegetarian main dishes, including my favorite Spinach Dumplings, which are served with tomato sauce. In short, these recipes are not what you would expect for items associated with the term 'diet food'. Alternatively, these are hearty, wholesome, and delectable recipes that you would never know were part of a diet plan, other than, perhaps, by the use of sugar substitutes in some recipes. Followers of the South Beach Diet will find this cookbook of invaluable help as they learn to eat, and cook, following the tenets Agatston's diet plan.

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