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Sign of Chaos
By Roger Zelazny

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Sign of Chaos
The Chronicles of Amber, Book 8
Large Print Edition
By Roger Zelazny
G.K. Hall, 2001
ISBN: 0-7838-9291-8
Genre: Science Fiction - Fantasy

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - November 15, 2004

Sign of Chaos is the eighth book in Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber series. In this installment of the adventures of Merlin, Son of Corwin, a.k.a Merle Corey of San Francisco we discover that Merle has once again formed an alliance to help protect Amber - and Earth. This time he has joined forces with his occasional rival, and cousin, Luke, as well as with other family members to do battle against a malicious sorcerer.

Concurrently, we also discover that Luke may also be planning an attack on Amber, while Merle's brother Jurt is contemplating fratricide in order to usurp the throne of the Court of Chaos. As important, at the end of book seven, Blood of Amber, Zelazny left Merle and Luke trapped in a topsy-turvy version of Wonderland. Here we learn how they escape. And, did I mention, in this installment, Merle meets up with an old girlfriend. A girlfriend who just happens to be dead?

This is a pivotal story in the Chronicles of Amber saga. Journeying to the Keep of the Four Worlds, Merle, and the reader, made privy to many of the secrets revolving around the Courts of Chaos and the problems associated with the Pattern. If you've not read the previous books in this series, or if it has been awhile since you have, you may find this story a bit jumbled. The members of the various dynastic families are almost all mentioned, and the interrelationships between the various characters, and the rules of magic associated with Amber and Chaos may be confusing if you are not familiar with the entire story line.

The previous book in this series, Blood of Amber, dealt more with the mystical aspect of the Chronicles of Amber story line. In this book, Sign of Chaos, Zelazny returns to the meat of the earlier stories - the intra familiar and inter dynastic rivalries that so aptly mimic the mythic infighting of the Norse gods and goddesses. In short, this makes for a lot of intrigues and a very exciting story!

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