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Knight of Shadows
By Roger Zelazny

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Knight of Shadows
The Chronicles of Amber, Book 9
Large Print Edition
By Roger Zelazny
G.K. Hall, 2001
ISBN: 0-7838-9293-4
Genre: Science Fiction - Fantasy

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - November 22, 2004

Merle Corey, the son of Prince Corwin is at last freed from the Citadel of the Four Worlds and sets out to discover the fate of his father. Corwin, for his part, although once presumed dead, seems to be leaving tantalizing clues about as to is current abode. In addition, Merle, a.k.a. Merlin, is also hot on the heels of his dead love Julia, who has returned from the dead to become one of his most formidable enemies. To say the least, Knight of Shadows the ninth volume in the Chronicles of Amber series is actioned packed and full of magic, humor, and intrigue.

Julia is not the only dead person from Merle's past to make an appearance in this book. Merle's deceased great-grandfather also gets involved in Merle's quest by transporting him into the Shadow realm where his powers are muted and he finds himself once again a pawn in the dynastic struggles between the Court of Amber and the Court of Chaos. Before the story ends, Merle will have to make a choice between the Pattern and the Logrus that will set the course for not only his own life, but the very existence of the Courts of Amber and Chaos as well.

Written with the same skill and pizzaz of the other books in this series, Roger Zelazny has created another fine addition to the Amber family. If you haven't read the previous books in this series, be prepared to be totally confused. If you have read the other books, you may also be confused as Zelazny does not tie up all the loose ends that are flittering around - to sort out the muddle that Zelazny has created for Merle, you'll have to read the tenth and final book in this wonderful series, Prince of Chaos.

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