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AmeriSmart's Digital Talking Bathroom Scale

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AmeriSmart's Digital Talking Bathroom Scale
Model No. TBS300
By AmeriSmart Products Inc.

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

How much do you weigh? For most people, answering this question is as simple as stepping on a scale and looking down at the number displayed. However, if you are visually impaired, have difficulty bending over, or if you're pregnant and your stomach prevents you from seeing the numbers, how do you weigh yourself? One option is visiting your local doctor, which could be costly, or worse, you could invite someone you know to read the scale for you. The only problem with that solution, is that everyone will know how much you really weigh - ouch!! There is, however, another option available. You can use a scale that reads your weight out loud. One such 'talking scale' is AmeriSmart's Digital Talking Bathroom Scale.

At first glance, AmeriSmart's Model TBS300 Talking Bathroom Scale, looks like a regular bathroom scale with an art deco motif. However, it not only offers a 1 inch LCD weight display, but it will also read your weight aloud in a pleasant, clear American-English female voice. It also features a wide, stable weighing platform that includes tactile studs that insure correct placement of your feet. The studs also serve as a unique design feature. The scale is easy to use, as there are no buttons to push, or weights to slide about.

How does the scale work?

Using this scale is a breeze. The scale operates on four AA batteries, which are included with the scale. The batteries that came with the scale that I reviewed, for this article, were taped to the cardboard holding the scale in place inside its display box. So be careful not to discard the cardboard before retrieving the batteries. To use the scale, simply insert the batteries in the battery compartment located on the underside of the scale, and you're ready to go - it's that simple! A one page, large print Quick Start Guide is included with the scale, which outlines the basic instructions needed to use the scale.

By default, the scale is set to read your weight aloud, and in pounds. If desired you can easily turn the speech function off. In addition, you can also set the scale to read your weight in kilograms. On the underside of the scale there is a small switch for turning the speech function on and off, and a small button that you press to switch from pounds to kilograms.

Actually weighing yourself takes one extra step over using a conventional bathroom scale. To use the AmeriSmart talking bathroom scale, you must first activate the scale by stepping on the scale (only one foot is necessary). When the scale says, "Hello" take your foot off the scale. The time between placing your foot on the scale, and the responding "Hello" can be measured in the blink of an eye. A second or two after stepping off the scale, the scale will say, "I"m Ready." Now step onto the scale with both feet. When your weight is displayed, the voice will read your weight and tell you if the number is in pounds or kilograms. Ten seconds after you step off the scale, the scale will say, "Good Bye" and turn itself of. Besides having the weight read aloud, your weight is also displayed in very bold, 1 inch numbers. The scale weighs in 0.2lb / 100g increments, and can gauge weights up to 330lbs / 150kg.

What does the scale look like?

The scale measures about 14 X 11 inches and is about an inch and a half tall. Most of the scale is white, with a small, grey scalloped section at the top, which frames the LCD display. The weighing platform is studded with silver colored metal circles that are slightly raised. There are five rows of studs on each side of the platform, with six studs in each row. Toward the center of the scale the studs are closely placed, and their placement spreads out as the rows approach the left and right outer edges of the scale. The bottom edge of the scale is curved. To my eye, the placement of the studs, the curved bottom edge, and the grey scallop area at the top of the scale give the scale the overall appearance of a butterfly. I find this design quite attractive, and much more appealing than a traditional, bland, square, white bathroom scale.

In Conclusion

I found the AmeriSmart Model TBS300 Digital Talking Bathroom Scale very easy to use - just step on and step off. The voice reading the numbers was loud and clear, and the visual display is large enough that many with slight visual impairments should be able to read the numbers without having to bend over to look at them. The scale appears to be well constructed, and to be very sturdy. (According to the specifications that came with the scale, it incorporates a steel-based construction.) I feel that the ease of use, and the speech function of this scale makes it ideally suited for use by visually impaired individuals. Furthermore, the incorporation of the large LCD display, and the pleasing look of the scale, makes it an ideal family scale that can be used by individuals of any age.

This review was originally published - November 7, 2003

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