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The Anti-Aging Zone
By Barry Sears

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The Anti-Aging Zone

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The Anti-Aging Zone
By Barry Sears
Harper Large Print Edition, (1999)
ISBN: 0-06-093305-4
Genre: Health

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - July 29, 2001

Barry Sears is well-known for his "Zone" books, of which the Anti-Aging Zone is one. The Zone, Sears first Zone book, laid out his theories on the role that nutrition plays on a persons' health. Sears feels that by carefully selecting what, and how much you eat, you can greatly enhance your overall health, and increase your functionality and life-expectancy. In The Anti-Aging Zone Sears expounds on the life-lengthening aspects of his Zone Diet. He also explains why he feels that by following his dietary suggestions, people can live longer, and better, with increased stamina, improved sexual function, and with full mental capabilities.

Sears theory are a bit on the controversial side. The underpinning of his Zone diet is that he advocates that individuals minimize the number of calories they eat each day. He recommends that an adult female should consume only 1,200 calories a day, and an adult male only 1,500 calories. According to Sears figures, this is a 40% reduction in calories when compared to a normal diet. He explains how this reduction in calories, when following the Zone diet, differs from starvation or fasting. To help the reader follow the Zone diet, Sears has included a week's worth of recipes in the book. If you've never read The Zone there may be aspects of this book that are hard to follow. Sears spells out his dietetic theories in much greater detail in the The Zone . Rather than simply repeat all the information contained in the first, he merely glances over some of the details surrounding the Zone diet while directing the reader to the first book if they want more information.

The Anti-Aging Zone is more than just a simple diet book. Sears explains how the human body ages and the science behind his theories, and why he feels that by following his suggestions the aging process can be halted - or at least slowed down. At times the book becomes highly technical, and it may be off-putting to many readers. However, even if you do not understand his theories, or choose not to follow his diet, he does offers some valid suggestions on how to improve the quality of your life as you go through the aging process. For instance, he offers suggestions on how to minimize stress and he explains how mediation not only helps relieve stress, but also how it affects hormone levels in the body.

Besides information about the Zone Diet, this book also contains a short course on hormones and the impact that they have on the aging-process. He also goes into detail as to the impact of insulin on our overall health, and how the production of insulin can be regulated via diet. He explains why drugs such as Viagra have the effect that they do. He offers suggestions on various exercise regiments that can help improve one's general health. And when performed in conjunction with his diet, help you to reverse the aging process. He champions the necessity of keeping the brain fit, as well as the body. To this end he offers a sampling of 'brain exercises'. He also discusses how adding supplements (both hormonal and vitamins) to your diet, and mediation, should part of any anti-aging regiment.

This is an interesting book that will force you to think about what you eat and how it affects you. Sears offers many suggestions in this book that seem valid, but also some that should be taken with a grain of salt. If nothing else this book explains why it is important to take care of your body when you are young - so that it will serve you well when you are old.

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