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I Hate My Eyeglasses!!
By Amy Arcand

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I Hate My Eyeglasses!!

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I Hate My Eyeglasses!!
Consumer Guide to Happier Vision
By Amy Arcand, ABO, NCLE, LDO, Board Certified
Illustrations by E. Samuels
Lonefrog Books: Tampa, Florida (2005)
Standard Print ISBN: 0-9769779-0-7
Genre: Health - Vision

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - April 12, 2006

I might hate my eyeglasses, but I definitely love this book! When I first saw Amy Arcand's book, I Hate My Eyeglasses!! I was immediately taken with its title because I've had a love - hate relationship with my eyeglasses for decades! If this book had been around years ago, I may have developed a better relationship with my glasses! Arcand's book is subtitled, a Consumer Guide to Happier Vision. This is exactly what the book is, and so much more...

In this witty and informative book, Arcand who is a licensed optician, explains just about everything you need to know about eyeglasses and contact lenses from how to determine if you need an eye exam to tips on picking out the correct frame, and more important, the correct lenses. She provides details on a number of topics that range from eye care for children, how eyeglasses are made, the various types of safely glasses that are available, the ins and outs of contact lens exams and lens care, and refractive surgery. She also deals with issues related to low vision and blindness, from finding a low vision specialist to low vision aids and the various causes of blindness.

I Hate My Eyeglasses!! is organized thematically, with its twenty-one chapters divided into five main sections: The book concludes with an assortment of handy appendices, including a glossary, a directory of vision related organizations, a handy FAQ section, and a tear out shopping guide that will help you to not only compare prices and services when shopping for eyeglasses or contacts, but which will also help you keep track of refund and repair policies of the optical shops you visit.

I Hate My Eyeglasses!! is written in a warm, friendly, knowledgeable style. The information is presented in easy to understand terms, and the main text is enhanced by the inclusion of instructional illustrations. Important factoids are presented in boxed F.Y.Eye, Look Out!, and Eyedea segments that highlight important facts and tips from how to determine which of your eyes is dominant to tips on head-mounted magnifiers. In addition, intriguing History Lessons that explore notable people and events in the world of vision from the development of the first ground lens to the long term consequences of refractive surgery performed on Japanese pilots in the 1940's.

In writing I Hate My Eyeglasses!!, Arcand has performed an invaluable service for anyone who wears or will wear eyeglasses or contacts. After reading this book, I'll never view my eyeglasses the same way! This book will not only make you a more informed consumer, but it empowers you to become a more active participant in your own eye care. I unabashedly love this book and highly recommend it to anyone with eyes, or who knows someone with eyes as even those of you with 20/20 vision, now, may one day need reading glasses as your eye's age!

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