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Arctic Airlift
By Richard Ross

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Arctic Airlift

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Arctic Airlift
Written & Illustrated by Richard Ross
Blue Fox Press: 2005
ISBN: 0-9763119-0-9
Genre: Children's Picture Book - Christmas Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - September 15, 2005

Arctic Airlift is a charming story for Christmas, and the whole year around, about a young boy and his efforts to save Santa Claus when the arctic begins to flood. The hero of this tale is Robert, a young short wave radio operator. One day, while scanning the airwaves, he overhears the Captain of an Airship Weather Station reporting that the Polar ice pack is breaking up in places and that the area is beginning to flood. Unaware that anyone lives on the North Pole, the Captain is mindful only of his weather reporting duties. That is until Robert reaches him via radio and tells that the North Pole is indeed inhabited and that they need to start a rescue mission.

Disobeying the orders of a superior, McCain, the Airship captain, sets off to discover if Santa Claus really lives on the North Pole, and if so, to evacuate Santa and his workers before they are flooded out - and in time for Christmas. I don't want to give away the ending, so I'll just say that there is a happy ending to this succinct children's tale.

Arctic Airlift was written and illustrated by Richard Ross. The drawings in this book were rendered in pastel and are warm and imaginative. Each illustration covers a two-page spread. Ross is a respected illustrator whose work regularly appears in both books and magazines. He is also an Associate Professor of Design at Buffalo State. The story is intended for second - fifth graders. It is also well suited as a book that can be read out loud to younger children, who will delight in following along with the story through the incredible pictures that accompany the text.

Although this book is not being marketed as a large print book, technically it is. The text is printed in a sixteen point, black font on a white background. Arctic Airlift is a delightful story that is enhanced by a beautiful assortment of illustrations that help to bring the story to life. This is a wonderful adventure story that will fasinate young readers and it is a story that is a joy to read aloud.

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