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Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite
By Bernard Goldberg

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Rescuing America from the Media Elite

By Bernard Goldberg
Read by Bernard Goldberg
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2003)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-573-6
Genre: Nonfiction
Other editions: Large Print (Hardcover) | Standard Print (Paperback)

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Reviewed by Herbert White - December 3, 2003

Bernard Goldberg's new book, Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite is an interesting tirade that portrays Goldberg's arrogance just as much as it shows the arrogance of the media elite. In this book Goldberg, a former CBS News correspondent, has attempted to illustrate how the American media, as a whole, has a liberal, left-wing bias. Based upon his experience as a journalist, Goldberg outlines how the media manipulates the reporting of the news to support the 'liberal' agenda.

I found Goldberg's reminiscences of how the reporting of the news can be altered to fit the agenda of a given news outlet to be enlightening. Also intriguing is his insights into the decision making process that media outlets use when deciding exactly what constitutes 'the news'. In illustrating the left-wing bias that he perceives to exist in the mainstream media, Goldberg delineates how politicians such as Hillary Clinton have coopted many of the nations premier journalist into being nothing more than the politician's personal PR agents. In addition he exposes the negative pressures that news reporters face when trying to report on issues that do not adhere to the liberal agenda.

While I found that many of Goldberg's arguments are flawed, I was nonetheless fascinated by his book. I did not like, however, his repeated attempts to 'tar-and-feather' specific journalists (he names names) as liberal lackeys, while at the same time stating that such attacks are not personal in nature. Throughout, Goldberg comes across as a fire and brimstone preacher on a crusade to open the eyes of the world to the bias in America media. The audio edition of this book is read by Goldberg himself, and his reading helps to reinforce the notion that he is 'preaching' to his audience. His message is at its best when he is pillorying the New York Times over the recent Jayson Blair and related plagiarism scandals.

Personal barbs and Goldberg's own right-wing bias aside, this is a powerful book. Not only does Goldberg outline what he sees as the inherent flaws into today's media coverage, he also offers valid suggestions on how the media coverage can be improved - both in content and in the realm of offering a more balance overview of current events. Even if you do not agree with everything that Goldberg says - I surely didn't - you will find this book to be an eye opener. Is the media biased? Undoubtably. Can, and should the new media strive for a more balanced approached when reporting the new? The answer is a fervent, yes. Does Goldberg have the solution to the problem of media bias? You'll have to make that decision for yourself. One thing that I am sure, whether you see yourself as a right-winger or a left-winger, after reading or listening to this book you will have a deeper understanding about the problems associated with media bias. From here on out, it will also make you question the underlaying bias of any news cast or news article you chance to hear or read...

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