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Adjusting Your Browser to Suit YOU
Did you know that you could change the default font size, font style, and background colors on your browser? If not, this article will help show you how to adjust your browser to suit your visual needs.

Author Spotlight On Bernard Knight
A short bio on Bernard Knight, plus information on the Crowner John mystery series.

Bookshare.Org: An Online Library for the Print Disabled.
Bookshare.org is an innovative online community and book sharing program that, legally, provides access to thousands of scanned books, including copyrighted works, to individuals who have a documented 'print' disability.

Essential Education - Shakespeare
A look a The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: a CD collection of all 38 plays by William Shakespeare, fully dramatized by past and present members of Royal Shakespeare Company.

Feedback Fiction
A look at a new program that allows you to provide feedback to new writers.

Food Allergy and Intolerances
A fact sheet on food allergies from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: National Institutes of Health.

Food Allergies - Rare but Risky
Excerpts from a U. S. Food and Drug Administration article that explains what food allergies are and how they are treated.

Guide Dogs - Eyes for the Blind
An overview of what guide dogs are, how they are trained, and how they serve their human companions.

HarperLuxe - A New Take on Large Print
A look at HarperCollins Publishers' new line of large print books.

JPS & JBI Proudly Announce Groundbreaking Recording of the Complete Jewish Bible
For the first time ever, the new JPS translation of the Jewish Bible, the JPS Tanakh, is available in audio format... (Press Release)

Large Print Outreach - Where the Books Come to You!
Discover the myriad ways in which your local public library is working to get large print books into the hands of everyone who wants to read them - even if they cannot come to the library in person.

Read How You Want: Books in Formats to Suit Every Visual Need
Read How You Want (RHYW) is a print-on-demand publisher that offers books in five different large print formats, as well as other accessible formats such as Braille and DAISY, which makes RHYW's books available to all members of the visually impaired community.

Service Dogs - Assistants to Those in Need
Dogs that assist the disabled are divided into three categories, guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs. Service dogs are the newest entry into 'assistance' family of working dogs.

An innovative new method of publishing large print books so that they can be easily read by blind and visually impaired individuals.

Tips for (Crossword) Success, by Dave Straube.
Practical tips to help you improve your crossword solving skills.

Upcoming Changes in the Catholic Mass
Download a free, large print chart of the upcoming changes in new, third edition of the Roman Missal which will go into effect on November 27, 2011.

Visual Impairment and Blindness in Infants
For parents with a visually impaired, or blind infant, it is important to remember that no matter what degree of vision loss your child suffers, with adequate support and encouragement, your child can grow up to be and do almost anything they may want...

Vision Problems in Infants
When children are born, they can see, but they cannot see clearly. This can make it difficult to determine if your child was born with a vision-related problem. This article discusses some common vision problems in infants, and the importance pediatric eye exams.

Will the Real Author Please Stand Up?
Does your favorite author write under a pen name? How can you tell? This article explores the plight of book lovers who must ferret out the 'real' name of their favorite authors.

What are Your Medicines Saying to You?
Prescription medicines can be a life saver, but if they are taken incorrectly they can do more harm than good. The Talking Rx is a product that can help you take your medicines correctly by playing a message that tells you when, and how, a particular medication should be taken.

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