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At the Scent of Water
By Linda Nichols

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At the Scent of Water

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At the Scent of Water
By Linda Nichols
Large Print Edition
Bethany House Publishers, 2004
ISBN: 0-7642-2988-5
Genre: Christian Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - December 1, 2004

At the Scent of Water is a story about redemption by Linda Nichols. It is also the heart wrenching love story of Samuel (Sam) Truelove and his wife Annie. Once married, the two separated after the tragic death of their daughter, a death in which Sam accidently played a role. Feeling guilty for his daughter's death, Sam turns to God for solace and to help him to come to terms with the tragedy. For years Sam and Annie have lived apart, but fate throws them together again when they find themselves both back to the same small North Carolina town where they grew up.

Sam is a doctor and Annie is a journalist. While they were away from home pursuing their respective careers, their families were praying that they would get back together. When Sam and Annie move back to town their families think that their prayers have been answered and that the two will soon be back together. Nichols, however, is not so easy on her characters. Annie has recently filed for divorce from Sam, and Sam is entwined in a difficult medical situation involving a young child on life support. In short, the two have a lot of hard work and soul searching to do before there is any chance that they can be reunited.

Sam and Annie's re-meeting brings back a flood of memories, and throughout the story Nichols has them recounting past events and memories that help you to understand just what a strong bond these two lovers had. In turn this highlights the tragedy of their breakup, at a time when they most needed each other. In addition, throughout, Nichols shows the role that faith plays in heeling their wounds - both psychologically and spiritually.

At the Scent of Water is a bitter sweet romance. The characters are complex and the story includes several unexpected twists. The religious element is very strong in this story, and its inspirational message will grip Christian readers. While Sam as turned to God to find redemption, Annie has turned away. Yet by the end of the story, they both understand the role that God plays in their lives and are willing to put their fate in his hands.

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