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Caballero, Juan Cain, Susan Cameron, Alexander Campbell, James T. Campbell, Joseph Cannell, Stephen J. Carlin, Mike Carolla, Adam Carroll, Lewis Carson, Clayborne Casagrande, June Cassel, Gary H. Cesarani, David Chabon, Michael Chambers, James Chapman, Bill Charner, Kathy Cherryh, C. J. Chesman, Andrea Chesterton, G. K. Child, Julia Child, Lee Choplin, Neil T. Chopra, Deepak Chover Publishing House Christie, Agatha [For a complete list of all the books written by Christie, Click Here]
Church, Forrest Clairmont, Patsy Clancy, Tom Clark, Birdie Clark, Mary Higgins Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke, Lee Clayton, Tim Clickard, Carrie Clinton, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clothier, Meg Coben, Harlan Coes, Ben Coffman, Curt Cohen, Adam Cohen, Rich Cohen, Roger Colbert, Stephen Colfer, Chris Collins, Jim Collins, Wilkie Connelly, Michael Conrad, Joseph Cook, Robin Cookson, Catherine Coolidge, Susan Cooney, Doug Coonts, Stephen Cooper, Sue Ellen Cooper, Susan

The Dark is Rising Sequence: Cooper, Ted Jr. (Editor)

Cordingly, David Cornwell, Bernard Cornwell, Patricia Corris, Peter Coss, Linda Marienhoff Costain, Thomas B. Coville, Bruce Crafts, Hannah Crawford, John Crichton, Michael Crowley, Chris, with Henry S. Lodge M.D. Cruise, Jorge Cryer, Max Crystal, Billy Curran, Bob Cussler, Clive Back to top
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