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Haddix, Margaret Peterson Hager, Thomas Haig, Brian Halberstam, David Hale, Shannon Hall, James W. Hall, Tarquin Hamilton, Clive Hammett, Dashiell Harding, Duncan (see also Charles Whiting) Harper, Tara K. Harriot, Ainsley Harris, Robert Harvard Medical School Hasson, Julie Hatcher, John Hayden, G. Miki Haynes, Major General Fred Haynes, Simon Hayward, James Heinmann, Rolf Heinlein, Robert A. Heller, Tziporah Helm, Matthew L. and April Leigh Henry, Will Hensperger, Beth Herman, Debbie Herodotus of Halicarnassus Hershiser, Orel Hiaasen, Carl Hibbert, Christopher Hicks, Robert Higashino, Keigo Higgins, Jack Hill, Reginald Hillerman, Tony Hillman, Mayer Hipp, Earl Hitchens, Christopher Hoag, Tami Hobbs, Leigh Hodge, Susie Hoffman, Joseph Holton, Cathy Horn, Gabriel (White Deer of Autumn) Hornfischer, James D. Horowitz, Anthony Horwitz, Tony Hosseini, Khaled Hourain, Albert Howard, Linda Hubbard, L. Ron Huffington, Arianna Hughes, Thomas Hunt, Irmgard Hunter, Beatrice Trum Hunter, Stephen Huston, James H. Hutchings, Roger Back to top
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