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Lacey, Robert LaHaye, Tim Lahiri, Jhumpa Lake, Deryn L'Amour, Louis Landvik, Lorna Lang, Andrew Lansens, Lori Lanzalotta, Stephen Larson, Erik Larsson, Stieg Laskowski, Lenny Laughlin, Terry Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert) Leal, Alfredo Gomez Le Carré, John Ledford, Janice Lee, Carol Ann Lens, Al Leon, Vicki Leonowens, Anna Harriette Levine, Joshua Levy, David H. Lévy-Hass, Hanna Lewis, Bernard Lewis, Beverly Lewis, C. S. Lewis, Jonathan Linsley, Leslie Liponis, Mark Lippman, Thomas W. Lithgow, John Lodge, Henry S., with Chris Crowley London, Jack Lovisi, Gary Lucado, Max Luceno, James Ludlum, Robert Lustbader, Eric Van (see Van Lustbader, Eric)

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