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Radio Spirits Ragen, Naomi Ramsay, Frederick Ramsland, Katherine Rand, Ayn Rand McNally Rankin, Ian Raskin, Valerie Davis Rawlinson, George Reagan, Nancy Redfield, James Reed, Mary Reeman, Douglas (Also see Alexander Kent) Rees, Celia Rees, Siān Reeves, Joan Regis, Ed Reichert, David Reichs, Kathy Reiss, Tom Reverby, Susan M. Rice, Anne Richler, Mordecai Ricks, Thomas E. Rizzolo, S. K. Robb, J. D. Robbins, Alexandra Roberts, Cokie Roberts, Nora Robertson, Robin Robins, Jane Robinson, Marilynne Robinson, Sallie Ann Robison, Mary Robitaille, Suzanne Ronchi, Vasco Roosevelt, Theodore Rose, Karen Rosenberg, Joel C. Rosenbluth, Roz Rosenheim, Andrew Rosenthal, Bruce P. Ross, Joel N. Ross, Richard Rossant, Colette Rossell, Judith Roth, Philip Rowland, Laura Joh Rowling, J. K. Royal, Priscilla Rubens, Bernice Rubin, Alan L. Rubin, Harriet Runcie, James Russert, Tim Rutherfurd, Edward
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