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A Garden Lost in Time
By Jonathan Aycliffe

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A Garden Lost in Time

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A Garden Lost in Time
By Jonathan Aycliffe
Magna Large Print Books, (2004)
ISBN: 0-7505-2250-X
Genre: Historical Fiction - Mystery

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 19, 2004

A Garden Lost in Time is a page-turning mystery set in 1917. Written by Jonathan Aycliffe, this chilling mystery is akin to the gothic Victorian thrillers that have fascinated readers for hundreds of years. The story chronicles the adventures of fifteen-year old Simon Lysaght, after he is sent to Cornwall. He is sent to live with his uncle in Cornwall after the death of his father on the muddy battlefields of France during World War I. The uncle, Sir David Trevelyan lives at an estate called Trevelyan Priors. Like any 'good' mysterious setting, Simon soon discovers that the Priors have been the setting for an hair-raising number of suicides and other horrific events. One such event, much to his horror, occurs soon after Simon's arrival. To heighten the suspense, Simon is warned never to walk the halls of the Priors after dark...

Like any hot-blooded young man, Simon is not one to sit quivering in his room - so the adventure is on. Foot prints in the snow, a bedridden cousin, and the unfolding drama of a war world are backdrops in this fascinating story. In the course of his investigations, Simon discovers an enclosed garden and meets Lily, a young girl with secrets of her own.

Aycliffe's writing is terse and the plot well conceived. Much of the story is told via Simon's diary entries and letters, and includes explicit descriptions of trench warfare, and its aftermath. As you would expect, Simon's investigations into the happenings at the Priors put his life in danger. How he survives, and the root cause of the mysterious deaths he is investigating, will, however, keep you guessing until the end of the book. This is a well-wrought horror story entwined with a compelling mystery that is infused with supernatural elements. It is not as 'scary' as it might have been, but it will definitely send a chill up your spine!

A Garden Lost in Time can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of Magna Large Print Books.

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