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Baby Proof
By Emily Giffin

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Baby Proof

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Baby Proof
By Emily Giffin
Thorndike Press - Large Print Edition (2006)
ISBN: 0-7862-8864-7
Genre: Fiction, Chick-Lit

Reviewed by Angela Evans - November 3, 2006

You find true love, marry, and then what? In many cases, what comes next is a baby. But what happens when one member of the 'couple' doesn't want a baby? This is the stage upon which Emily Giffin's Baby Proof plays out. The story looks at Claudia Parr, a hard-working, childfree-by-choice, Manhattanite who is not interested in procreating. Her help mate and husband, Ben, however, is desperate to begin reproducing. So what is a girl to do? Have a baby just to make her man happy, or move on? When they married, Ben agreed that he did not want a child, but has since changed his tune and now is adamant that he must have one! For Claudia, the answer is simple, she adamantly does not want to bear a child, so Claudia moves out.

Life, however, is never so simple. Claudia divorces Ben and begins to make a new life for herself, including brining a new love interest into her life. However, when she discovers that Ben may have set his sights on a new girl with breading potential, Claudia begins to second guess her decision. Is she really better off without Ben? And if not, is she willing to do the one thing she swore she would never do, have a child, just to get him back?

Baby Proof is pure chick-lit, although it does tackle some sticky issues such as infidelity and infertility. Giffin's writing is succinct and the characters likable, and the issues dealt with in this story will resonate with many readers. Overall, a great light read that will delight fans of the chick-lit genre and a must read for fans of Giffin's other books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

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