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The Complete Knightfall Saga

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Batman - The Complete Knightfall Saga

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Batman - The Complete Knightfall Saga
A Full-Cast Audio Drama on 3 CDs
Edited by Dennis O'Neil and Scott Peterson
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2005)
ISBN: 1-59483-074-6
Genre: Suspense - Thriller

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - June 27, 2005

Batman - The Complete Knightfall Saga represents a dark and brooding period in the history of the Batman mythos. Comprising three separate stories, Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd that were first published in the DC Comic books. The Batman in the Knightfall saga is not the kind-hearted, ne'er-do-well of the 1960's television series. Rather he is a depressed, and haunted man who must come to terms with his own demons and his own physical weakness.

This audio edition of the Knightfall saga is performed by a full cast of actors who bring this dark story to life. As the story unfolds, Batman's back is broken during a confrontation with his newest arch-foe, Bane. Having discovered the true identity of Batman, Bane breaks into the Wayne Manor and cripples Batman in his guise as Bruce Wayne. Confined to a wheelchair, Batman is faced with the task of coming to terms with his weakened condition and new vulnerability.

With Batman sidelined, the 'angel' Azrael appears on the scene, bent upon becoming the newest superhero tasked with the job of keeping the streets of Gotham safe for 'ordinary' people. Like Batman, Azrael is the superhero persona of a 'real' person, in this case Jean Paul Valley who has just inherited the role of Azrael from his father who was recently murdered. Azrael is a hard fighting, sword carrying, brutal superhero who is unconcerned who or what he destroys in the process of destroying evil doers. Azrael seems to gain untold pleasure manhandling the criminals that plague Gotham city, rather than finding pleasure in helping the less fortunate. Designating himself as an avenging angel, Azrael is a terrifying and deadly hero who is unable to control his quest for vengeance.

Weak and forced into inactivity, Batman battles himself, just as much as the villains as he tries to regain his strength, his self-esteem, and his role as Gotham's savior. Along the way we meet a host of old 'Batman' standbys such as Robin, Commissioner Gordon, The Joker, Alfred, and the Riddler, also a host of new good guys as well as bad.

This audio dramatization of Batman - The Complete Knightfall Saga runs about three hours and is full of hard hitting action - and the sound effect to go along with them. This production also includes a musical scored, and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is not the Batman I remember from my youth, but it is one who is intriguing and has more depth than the earlier verison of Batman. This is a story that will fascinate both readers of the Batman comics, fans of the TV series and the new Batman movies, as well as anyone seeking a unique audio experience to enliven their day.

This dramatization of Batman - The Complete Knightfall Saga features Bob Sessions as Batman / Bruce Wayne, Michael Gough as Alfred, Peter Marinker as Bane, Kerry Shale as Jean Paul Valley, James Goode as Nightwing, Daniel Marinker as Robin, Stuart Milligan as The Riddler, plus numerous other actors too numerous to mention.

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