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At Bertram's Hotel
By Agatha Christie
Read by Rosemary Leach

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At Bertram's Hotel

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At Bertram's Hotel
A Miss Marple Mystery
By Agatha Christie
Read by Rosemary Leach
The Audio Partners Publishing Corp., (2002)
An Unabridged Recording on Six Cassettes
ISBN: 1-57270-280-X
Genre: Mystery
Other editions: Large Print (Hardcover) | Standard Print (Hardcover) | Standard Print (Paperback)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 12, 2003

Everywhere that Miss Jane Marple goes, she seems to find something awry that needs here remarkable skills to set to right. She cannot even go on vacation without her detective's skills being called into action! When she goes to London on holiday, she finds that the splendor of Bertram's Hotel is disguising a disturbing secret.

Murder, theft, abduction, and even a train robbery are featured in this fast paced mystery. Written by Agatha Christie, At Bertram's Hotel will keep you, and the London Constabulary, guessing until the very end about just what is really going on at Bertram's Hotel. In this tale, Miss Marple tries to ferret out who is behind a series of thefts that seem to point to one or more of the Bertram's guests as the culprit. In this complex story, nothing is what is seems, including Miss Marple and Christie throws in a host of red herrings that seem to confuse everyone, except Miss Marple.

This unabridged audio recording of At Bertram's Hotel is read by Rosemary Leach. A respected British actress, Leach's timing and vocalizations greatly enhance this story. Her reading is emotional and powerful, and her reading helps to enliven an already outstanding book that features dynamic characters and a complicated plot.

Christie also spends a lot of time in this book, fleshing out Miss Marple. In At Bertram's Hotel you really get a feel for how Miss Marple thinks. An elderly woman, she uses her age, and her busybody persona, to its utmost. Combined, both of these elements act as a shield, giving people the mistaken notion that she is not really dangerous - just annoying. Yet, behind this shield lurks a brilliant mind enhanced by an in-depth knowledge about human nature.

Christie (1890-1976) was a marvelously prolific writer who is best know for her mysteries and her two most beloved detectives, the elderly Miss Jane Marple and the Belgium detective, Hercule Poirot. At Bertram's Hotel is one of the best Miss Marple mysteries that Christie wrote. The beginning might seem a bit slow. However, the 'slow' move into the actual mystery serves to heighten the tension and to lay the ground work for the book's unexpect climax. After listening to this book, you'll understand why Christie is the Queen of Mysteries!

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