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The Betrayal
By Beverly Lewis

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The Betrayal

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The Betrayal
By Beverly Lewis
Bethany House Publishers
Large Print Edition - 2003
ISBN: 0-7642-2806-4
Genre: Christian Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - October 27, 2003

The Betrayal is the second book in Beverly Lewis's Abram's Daughters series. In the first book in this series, The Covenant, we were introduced to the Ebersol's, an Amish family that lives in Gobbler's Knob in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. There are five daughters in the Ebersol family, and The Covenant focused on the Eldest, Sadie and her love affair with an Englischer during her rumschpringe period. The Betrayal picks up exactly where The Covenant left off, with Leah, the next to oldest daughter, coming to terms with the secret that she shares with Sadie.

This volume focuses primarily on Leah, although all the girls are well represented. In The Betrayal we find Leah carrying on a long distance courtship with Jonas Mast, while her father schemes to have her marry a neighbor's son. However, there are more things than just her father's desire for her to marry Gid Peachey and conspiring to keep her from marrying Jonas. In addition, the possibility of Sadie's secret becoming common knowledge plays a major role in this story - as does the consequences that such a revelation would have on the entire family. More insidious, there are even more family secrets floating around that will impact Leah's life in unforseen ways...

The Betrayal is a moving and sometimes sad story that is both inspirational and satisfying to read. Lewis's characters are rich, and you quickly learn to love them as if they were part of your own family. The story also offers a glimpse in Amish society and Amish religious believes. From beginning to end, The Betrayal is an engrossing story that is almost impossible to put down. It will be very hard to wait for the next installment in this remarkable story.

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