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Between the Lines
By Orel Hershiser with Robert Wolgemuth

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Between the Lines: Nine Principles to Live By

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Between the Lines: Nine Principles to Live By
Large Print Edition
By Orel Hershiser with Robert Wolgemuth
Warner Books Large Print, (2001)
ISBN: 0-446-53000-X
Genre: Autobiography, Inspirational

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - September 10, 2001

Orel Hershiser is a world famous American baseball player. His skill on the field is legendary, and in this book, Between the Lines, Hershiser shares his thoughts on his playing career, and his personal life. This book is not really an autobiography, at least not in the strictest sense. Rather it is a series of reminiscences organized with the framework of Hershiser's guiding principles by which to live life. Hershiser's nine principals to live by are:
  1. Believe Your Coaches
  2. Anything Can Happen
  3. Sell Out to the Process
    The title of this principal may be a bit misleading, but, as Hershiser makes clear, "Sell out does not mean selling out, like compromising or giving up. Sell out means complete commitment, surrender - just do it." (Pg. 94).
  4. Excellence Matters
  5. Balance is Key
  6. Ability to Lighten Up
  7. Love Your Family
  8. Live with Gratitude
  9. See the Signs
This is an inspirational book that will help you learn to live life to the fullest, and to help you become, if you are not already, an all-around nice guy or gal. Throughout, Hershiser uses sports terminology to drive home his points. He also clearly points out how he has used these nine principals in his own life. And how, by sticking to them, they made him a better ball player and a better person.

This book is embellished by a foreword written by Tommy Lasorda and by the inclusion of Hershiser's baseball statistics. As well, sports fans will be delighted by the liberal sprinkling of famous sports names that appear in this book. The book is also peppered with little boxes that highlight specific sentences from the book that Hershiser felt where of extra importance, such as the one found on page 186, "Directness and diplomacy are important in every relationship, but nowhere is this more important than in my life as a husband and a father."

Because of the books author, many people will naturally assume that this book will only be of interest to sports fans. Once they begin reading, they will find that they were mistaken. Between the Lines will captivate sports fans for its insights into the world of baseball and for the insider's glimpse of Orel Hershiser. However, it also appeals to a wider audience, in part because of its heavy emphasis on family values. But perhaps the biggest draw of this book is its inspirational message. A message that proclaims that with hard work, and a good attitude, you can overcome just about anything and achieve your goals. And how, by following the nine principals laid out by Hershiser, you will not only make your own life better, but also the lives of all those that come into contact with you.

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