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Big Button Telephone

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Big Button Telephone

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Big Button Telephone with 13 Number Memory
Item # 915, From AT&T

Reviewed by Auggie Moore

The AT&T Big Button Telephone (Item #915), has big buttons, and much more. Some of the main features of this phone include the large buttons, black large print numbers, a visual ring indicator, volume control, you can program in ten speed dial numbers along with three one-touch speed dial numbers for emergencies, it is hearing aid compatible, and it has an added feature called Audio Assist that allows you to further increase the volume and sound quality over that of the volume control level.

The Big Button Telephone is well suited for use by a variety of people including those who are visually impaired and anyone who finds that the tiny buttons on most phones are just to hard to push without hitting more than one button at a time. In addition, the phone includes a handy redial button that will automatically redial the last number called, and a button that you can use to access options that you can to subscribe to, via your phone company, such as call waiting. In addition, you can set the phone to work as a tone (push button) or pulse (rotary) phone.

This phone also has a lighted keypad feature, which will back-light the buttons. This feature requires that you put 4 AA Batteries into the phone. While the batteries are not included, the Big Button Telephone comes with everything else that you need to set the phone up - and you don't have to put the batteries in if you don't want to as all the other features will work without them. I found that the phone is easy to set up, and very easy to program. The phone comes with a short manual that will walk you through the programing process, and which shows you how to use all of the phones many features.

The only drawback to this phone is that it is very light, and it is easy to drag the phone off the table if you overextend the receiver's cord. It is however, very sturdy, as I managed to pull it off the table a couple of times and bounce it off the floor, without any noticeable damage to the phone, however I don't recommend that you try this yourself! What I would recommend is that you mount the phone on the wall, or if you want to use it as a table phone, mount it on a piece of wood (which is what I did) so that it does not fly off the table so easily. Otherwise, I found this phone to be both practical and functional. The numbers are big and easy to see, the sound quality is excellent, and most important, it is very easy to use - even when it comes to the programming functions.

This review was originally published - April 23, 2007

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