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List of the Richard Bolitho Novels
By Alexander Kent

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The following is a chronological list of the books in the Richard Bolitho series by Alexander Kent.
  1. Richard Bolitho, Midshipman
  2. Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger
    (Please note: these first two books, Richard Bolitho, Midshipman and Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger were also published as a single volume entitled Midshipman Bolitho. Many lists ingnore the first two books, and count Midshipman Bolitho as the first book in the series.)
  3. Stand Into Danger
  4. In Gallant Company
  5. Sloop of War
  6. To Glory We Steer
  7. Command a King's Ship
  8. Passage to Mutiny
  9. With All Despatch
  10. Form Line of Battle!
  11. Enemy In Sight!
  12. The Flag Captain
  13. Signal Close Action!
  14. The Inshore Squadron
  15. A Tradition of Victory
  16. Success to the Brave
  17. Colours Aloft!
  18. Honour This Day
  19. The Only Victor
  20. Beyond the Reef
  21. The Darkening Sea
  22. For My Country's Freedom
  23. Cross of St George
  24. Sword of Honour
  25. Second to None
  26. Relentless Pursuit
  27. Man of War
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