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Over 150 Large Print Christian Romance Books. For more information on any of these books or to purchase from Amazon.com, click on the title.


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  • The EnglisherThe Englisher
    By: Beverly Lewis
    Cover: Hardcover
    ISBN: 078629079X
    Genre: Romance - Christian

    Defining MomentsDefining Moments
    By: Jacquelin Thomas
    Cover: Hardcover
    ISBN: 078629566X
    Genre: Christian Literature

    The VisitorThe Visitor
    By: Lori Wick
    Cover: Paperback
    ISBN: 1594150001
    Genre: Christian Romance

    The GuardianThe Guardian
    By: Dee Henderson
    Cover: Hardcover
    ISBN: 0786263156
    Genre: Christian Romance

    When the Heart CriesWhen the Heart Cries
    By: Cindy Woodsmall
    Cover: Hardcover
    ISBN: 078629311X
    Genre: Christian Romance

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