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The Camel Club
By David Baldacci
Read by Jonathan Davis

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The Camel Club

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The Camel Club
By David Baldacci
Read by Jonathan Davis
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2005)
An Unabridged Recording on 13 CDs
ISBN: 1-59483-083-5
An Unabridged Recording on 10 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-59483-082-7
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - November 14, 2005

Without a doubt, The Camel Club is the best book that David Baldacci has yet written. This is a complex story that incorporates a plethora of conspiracy theories, terrorist, spies, the treat of nuclear destruction, and plenty of action. The story centers upon four eccentric friends who have taken upon themselves the study of conspiracy theories in the hope of discovering the truth behind the theories - and holding to account any wrong doers that they happen to discover. Their endeavors soon become more 'real' than they ever imagined when this eccentric group witnesses the murder of a secret service agent. The four members of The Camel Club are soon plunged into an all-too-real conspiracy of global proportions that they must unravel if they hope to stop a looming nuclear war, and they must do so before they become the next victims of the conspirators.

Read by Jonathan Davis, a stage actor and professional audiobook narrator, this is a one of those books that once you start it - be prepared to listen to it without pause until it is finished. The book runs about sixteen hours, so be sure that you have a full day or two free for some intense listening! This story is full of so many subplots and characters that you can easily lose your way if you don't pay close attention to the story. Pay close attention to all the characters. You might be surprised just who the good guys, and the bad guys, really are. An in regard to all the subplots, rather than bogging down the story, they serve to not only keep the story moving, but to so entrench you in the story that you almost feel that you are actually there rather than just listening to it. Baldacci has really outdone himself with this story, and the ending of this thriller is fantastic. From beginning to end, this book will keep your interest and leave you satisfied and eager for his next book.

The Camel Club is the must-read book of the year. A high impact, unputdownable book, this is one of the best thrillers to have come out this year. Take a listen. You'll not be disappointed!

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