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Bad Monkey
By Carl Hiaasen

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Bad Monkey

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Bad Monkey
By Carl Hiaasen
Random House Large Print, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8041-2096-8
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Angela Evans - July 15, 2013

Bad Monkey is an odd little book, well not that little. The large print edition comes in at almost 500 pages! The book was written by Carl Hiaasen, who is a journalist and the author of such well-known books as The Downhill Lie, Nature Girl, and Star Island. In Bad Monkey, Hiaasen has once again crafted a quirky mystery that will alternately have you giggling with delight and squirming with unease. The story follows the adventures of Andrew Yancy, a police officer who has a knack for finding himself without employment. He once worked for the Miami Police, and the Monroe County sheriff's office. Unlike most police officers (or so one would hope), he has an arm in his deep freezer. The reason that Yancy has the arm in his freezer is that he thinks that its former owner might have been murdered, rather than eaten by a shark as the death certificate claims. It is Yancy's hope that if he can prove his theory, he'll get to be a real cop again. For the time being, he's on roach patrol for the Health department.

Like most of Hiaasen's book, he does not allow his lead character to take a straight path, even when one is available. Hiaasen puts Yancy through his paces as he dodges real-estate speculators, a voodoo witch doctor, and a former girlfriend. All the while Hiassen makes him navigate so many twists and turns that you would think that Yancy is running an obstacle course. I'd go into more detail, but to do so would be to give too much away. Let it suffice to say, that if you are a fan of Hiassen's work, you already know what to expect, and if this is your first foray into his wacky, South Floridian writing style, you are in for a real treat.

All in all, a fun, satirical story wrapped in a mystery that is perfect for a quiet afternoon or to while away some time on a dreary plane trip. Happy reading!!

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