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Visual Field Testing with the Humphrey Field Analyzer
A Text and Clinical Atlas
By Neil T. Choplin and Russell P. Edwards

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Visual Field Testing with the Humphrey Field Analyzer

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Visual Field Testing with the Humphrey Field Analyzer: A Text and Clinical Atlas
By Neil T. Choplin and Russell P. Edwards
Slack Incorporated, (1999)
Standard Print -- ISBN: 1-55642-389-6
Genre: Ophthalmology

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 13, 2002

If you've ever wanted a comprehensive user manual for the Humphrey Field Analyzer, this is it. Visual Field Testing with the Humphrey Field Analyzer is a wonderful resource that clearly and succinctly explains what automated perimetry is all about. This includes how to use the Humphrey Field Analyzer and what it can, and cannot, be used for. Most important, this book provides information on how to interpret the results of vision field tests. This, the second edition of the book, has been revised and updated to take into account the introduction of the Humphrey Field Analyzer II, and other changes in the science of automated perimetry that have occurred since the first edition was published. The Swedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm (SITA) and the short-wavelength automated perimetry (SWAP) are also discussed.

Besides discussing the science behind automated perimetry and the latest innovations in the field, Visual Field Testing also offers an in-depth analysis of both the 600 and 700 series Humphrey Field Analyzers. This analysis includes a description of the machines, including diagrams of its various parts and examinations of what the various controls are for and how to run the machine. The text also covers, in great detail, the how to interpret the results. In addition, visual field defects associated with neuro-ophthalmological defects, and defects caused by specific conditions, such as glaucoma, trauma, optic nerve lesions, retinal disease, and more, are discussed in detail. Clinical aspects of how visual field testing can help diagnosis, and monitor, various conditions are also covered.

This book is geared toward professionals who will be, or who are, using the Humphrey Field Analyzer in their practice. And for these individuals, this book will serve as an invaluable reference guide to the Humphrey Field Analyzer, and automated perimetry testing, in general. In addition, this book will also be of value to patients who wish to gain a greater understanding of exactly what the Humphrey's test is, what it measures, and how the results are interpreted.

This book is well spiced with examples of read-outs from real-life perimetry examinations of healthy and diseased eyes, along with analysis of the test results. In addition, this book includes numerous photos and diagrams that help to illustrate the various topics under discussion. Throughout, this book is well written and the information is explained in a clear and as uncomplicated manner as is possible, making it readily accessible to clinicians, students, and the general public.

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