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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World
Finding Comfort in the Scriptures
By Patsy Clairmont
Read by Patsy Clairmont

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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World

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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World: Finding Comfort in the Scriptures
By Patsy Clairmont
Read by Patsy Clairmont
Time Warner Audio Books, (2001)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 2 Cassettes ISBN: 1586212192
Genre: Spirituality, Christian

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Reviewed by Angela Evans - January 18, 2002

Patsy Clairmont is an inspirational, Christian speaker who has touched the hearts of many, myself included. In Mending Your Heart in a Broken World: Finding Comfort in the Scriptures Clairmont offers guidance and friendly advice on how to find comfort in the Scriptures. For this purpose, she uses the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah as a guide post, using it to teach the listener how to heal their own hearts (i.e., psyche) no matter what has harmed it. To help you to better internalize the message that she offers, Clairmont added "Heart Menders" at the end of each chapter. According to Clairmont, "...heart menders are questions designed first, to help us personally, to consider the scriptural truths, drawing them into our minds. Second, the questions are written to stir our heart's toward healing that we might know God's comfort."

The main point of this audiobook, is to show how, by making use of the scriptures, you can learn how to repair your world when it seems that it has fallen apart. To do this, Clairmont not only quotes scripture, but she also uses real life examples to illustrate her points, and to show how to put her advice to practical use. During this discourse, Clairmont also walks you through the Book of Nehemiah, pointing out how, by modeling your life after Nehemiah, you can learn to 'fix' your own world.

This audiobook is read by Clairmont herself. Occasionally, her reading sounds as if she is reading a bedtime story to a child. However, at other times her passion and inspirational spirit comes through clearly and you can almost see her on stage energetically lecturing a rapt audience. Throughout, Clairmont talks to you personally, and you know that she is talking to you as a friend. And as a friend, she freely offers you her support and encouragement to help you help yourself overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Throughout this reading, she quotes extensively from the Book of Nehemiah, and you will want to have a copy of the Old Testament handy as you listen to this tape so that you can study it along with her. This is a marvelously uplifting audiobook. The only problem that I had with it was that there are short musical interludes between the chapters, and the volume on the music is very loud when compared to the reading itself. If the music was just a notch or two lower, this would be a 100% outstanding audiobook.

I actually read the print version of Mending Your Heart in a Broken World: Finding Comfort in the Scriptures and I was afraid that the audio version would be redundant - boy was I wrong! This audio edition of Mending Your Heart in a Broken World is slightly abridged, and the text is slightly different in some areas, which gives this audiobook a unique feel. Regarding this audiobook being abridged, it does not affect the message or Clairmont's delivery in any manner. In fact, the only real difference between the print and the audio editions is that the print edition included the text of the Book of Nehemiah. However, this is no real loss. When reading the book, I actually found it much easier to keep my bible open to Nehemiah, rather than constantly flipping to the back of the book to look at the copy found there. All in all, an excellent audiobook that will both inspire you in your personal life, as well as help to bring you closer to God.

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