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Follow This Path
By Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina
Read By Benjamin King

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Follow this Path

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Follow this Path
By Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina
Read by Benjamin King
Time Warner Audiobooks, (2002)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 2 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-453-5
Genre: Business - Motivational

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Reviewed by Herbert White - October 31, 2002

Business advice is available in abundant supply. Yet how much of this advice is really useful? I, for one, found Follow This Path, by Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina to be one of the gems in the sea of advice. Coffman and Gonzalez-Molina are management consultants who work for the Gallup Organization, and are therefore well-versed in Gallup's management style. The advice in this book was garnered from the experiences of the Gallup Organization, which has over three million employees who are supervised by a staggering 200,000 mangers. To mange such a vast pool of employees it takes a high level of organization - and skill.

In Follow the Path the authors explain Gallup's organization philosophy and how this philosophy helps people reach their full potential. Gallup understands that people are not automatons, that they have emotions and that these emotions must be taken into account when dealing with them - whether they be an employee or a customer. By recognizing the importance of emotions, you can learn to manage this 'emotional economy' as a means of motivating your employees and as a means of increasing the strength and profitability of your own company.

The authors call this philosophy "The Gallup Path" and following this "Path" will be beneficial in both the private and public sectors of you life. Best yet, when followed by a business entity, the authors claim that it will revolutionize your business model and propel your company to new heights.

This audio edition of Follow This Path is an abridgement of the original book. However there does not appear to be any vital information missing, and you should have no problems following the "Path" using this audio edition. This well-written, important book is expertly read by Benjamin King. It also includes a stirring foreword by James Clifton, who is the Chairman and CEO of the Gallup Organization.

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