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Cretaceous Dawn
By L.M. Graziano and M.S.A. Graziano

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Cretaceous Dawn

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Cretaceous Dawn
By L.M. Graziano and M.S.A. Graziano
Read How You Want, (2010)
EasyRead Large Print, in 16 Point Font
(Originally Published in Standard Print by Leapfrog Press)
ISBN: 978-1459601185
Genre: Science Fiction - Time Travel

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - October 26, 2010

Join paleontologist Julian Whitney, physicists Dr. Yariko Miyakaro and Dr. Shanker, a dog, a security guard, and half a person as they journey back 65 million years, to the time when the dinosaurs' reign on earth was nearing its end, and man was still just a speck on the evolutionary horizon.

This spine tingling adventure story begins in a graviton laboratory where Dr. Miyakaro and her graduate student are trying to create gravitons. While they are not having any luck making gravitons, they have had some successes making beatles. As a result, they call in Julian Whitney to help identify what type of beetle it is, and 'when' it is from. When Whitney arrives at the lab, he finds not only Miyakaro in the lab, but also Dr. Shanker, an elderly physicist and Hilda, a German shepherd. When an explosion occurs in the lab, two security guards run in to help, just in time to be in the lab when another explosion occurs, hurtling the flustered group back into time. Well, most of them. One of the security guards is not so fortunate as only half of his body makes the journey back into time, while the other half remained in the lab.

From here the story diverges into two separate tales, the story of the castaways as they struggle to survive in a world where carnivorous dinosaurs still rule the world, and the other story which follows the efforts of Sharon Earles, the Chief of Police who is in charge of the investigation into the explosion at the lab and in trying to figure out exactly why the two physicists have gone missing, leaving half a man in their stead.

From beginning to end, Cretaceous Dawn is a non-stop adventure tale that will keep you glued to the pages of this book wondering if the time-travelers will ever make it back to their own time. The writing in this book is superb, as are the details about the Cretaceous period. The writers, Lisa M. Graziano and Michael S. A. Graziano are both scientists. Lisa is an oceanographer and Michael is a neuroscientist. In writing this book they have not only crafted a thrilling story, but also one that is based upon scientific fact. They take you back to the world of dinosaurs, and they make you feel as if you are really there as the team find themselves dealing with just about everything from Dromaeosurs to Triceratops. In short, Cretaceous Dawn does Jurassic Park one better, by taking you back to interact with the real thing, rather than simply trying to recreate it. As a bonus, you get to follow the adventures of Earles, as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the lab explosion and the missing personnel.

Cretaceous Dawn is a work of hard science fiction, not fantasy, and it will enthrall anyone with a taste for scientifically based science fiction, or who enjoys rip-roaring adventure stories, or who simply likes to read stories filled with dinosaurs. This is one of the best novels that I've read this year, and I highly recommended it!

Cretaceous Dawn is available from Read How You Want, an on-demand publisher that makes books available in a variety of formats including Braille, DAISY, and five different large print formats. This range of formats makes this, and other books, available not only to visually impaired individuals, but also anyone with a reading or physical disability that makes reading standard print books difficult.

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