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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
By C. S. Lewis

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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
By C. S. Lewis
HarperChildrensAudio, 2003
An Unabridged Audio Recording on CD
ISBN: 978-0060564469
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Reviewed by Israel Drazin - January 25, 2010

It is a year now since the two brothers and two sisters returned to England from their second adventurous trip to the magical kingdom of Narnia. However, three years have gone by in Narnia. Caspian has secured his throne over Narnia and has decided to search for the seven nobles that his evil uncle had banished when he seized the throne of Narnia from Caspian's father.

Edmund and Lucy are visiting their uncle and aunt when their rather obnoxious ever-complaining cousin enters their room. The three are looking at a picture of a ship and are suddenly magically transported to Narnia.

They land in the water on the side of King Caspian's ship The Dawn Treader and are rescued and taken on board. Caspian tells the three about his quest, and the siblings, but not Eustace, look forward to participating. Eustace is an amusing addition to the story. His foolish antics, reactions, remarks and behaviors adds humor to the tale, such as his misguided battles with the brave mouse Pug and his attempt to steal water when it was rationed.

Edmund, Lucy, Caspian, Eustace and Pug visit an island in the middle of their journey and are captured by slave traders. Caspian is rescued by one of the seven men that he is seeking. The slave traders have a huge army and Caspian hasn't enough people to beat them. He uses a clever deceit to rescue his friends.

The group set off again in search of the remaining six nobles. They experience a terrible storm and a sea serpent. After three weeks of danger, they arrive at an island. Eustace sneaks off by himself, gets lost, finds a treasure, turns into a flying dragon, and the noble lion Aslan arrives and turns him back into his human shape.

Readers will be intrigued with what follows. Did Caspian find the remaining six nobles? What had happened to them? Did the group reach the Far East? Is the Far East the land of Aslan? Did Eustace learn to behave properly? Did the brother and sister who were not in the beginning of the journey come to Narnia? Did the children get back to England; and, if so, how?

Dr. Israel Drazin is the author of fifteen books, including a series of five volumes on the Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible, which he co-authors with Rabbi Dr. Stanley M. Wagner, and a series of four books on the twelfth century philosopher Moses Maimonides, the latest being Maimonides: Reason Above All, published by Gefen Publishing House, The Orthodox Union (OU) publishes daily samples of the Targum books on

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