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The Art of Being The Donald

By Timothy L. O'Brien
Read by Timothy L. O'Brien
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2005)
An Abridged Recording on 3 CDs
ISBN: 1-59483-084-3
Genre: Biography, Business

Reviewed by Herbert White - November 14, 2005

Who is Donald Trump and why is he considered to be such a celebrity? Does his verbosity serve as a cover for some deep seated insecurity or is he really a hard working, intelligent entrepreneur? In Trump Nation - The Art of Being The Donald, Timothy L. O'Brien explores just what makes Donald, Donald, and why so many people seem to fawn on him and emulate him from how he dresses to how he runs his businesses. Read by the author, this short audiobook takes you inside the world of Donald Trump - his life, his business, and his cult-of-personality.

O'Brien, a reporter at the New York Times, brings his investigative skill to bare in getting to the heart of what makes Donald Trump so intriguing to so many people. Unlike many others, O'Brien did not fall over himself to flatter Trump, rather he seems to have crafted an even account of a flawed man who just happens to be both rich and a cultural celebrity. His account is often humorous, pointing out many of Trump's flaws, foibles, and failures. To be balanced, however, he also points out Trump's strong points. Combined, this information serves to paint a rather unflattering, but ostensibly a faithful account of what Trump is really like. He also shows how Trump managed to recover from his numerous, and seemingly disastrous failures - both in the business realm, and in his personal life.

Donald Trump has always come across to me as someone with some deep seated insecurities that he hides by being arrogant and abrasive. I can't say that I heard anything in this book to dissuade me from this feeling. However, after listing to this book I do have a better understanding as to how Trump has managed to accumulate and lose, so many fortunes, and how he has used the media to help transform himself into a cultural icon.

If you happen to have an interest in Donald Trump, or are simply interested in getting a few chuckles or listening to some intriguing insights into various aspects of American culture from trophy wives to organized crime, this book is an ideal way to squander a few hours.

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