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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
By Deepak Chopra

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
By Deepak Chopra
Read How You Want, (2009)
EasyRead Large Print, in 16 Point Font
(Originally Published in Standard Print by New World Library)
ISBN: 9781442973589
Genre: Self-Help, Health

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - September 29, 2009

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is the newest offering from the pen of the prolific writer and spiritual guide, Deepak Chopra. It is based upon his best-selling book, Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Filed of All Possibilities, and this new book distills the fundamental principles of success into a compact and invaluable guidebook that you are sure to refer to time and time again.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success that Chopra explores in this book are:
  1. Pure Potentiality
  2. Giving
  3. "Karma" or Cause and Effect
  4. Least Effort
  5. Intention and Desire
  6. Detachment
  7. "Dharma" or Purpose in Life
Over the course of this book, Chopra explains what each law is, how to apply it to your life and how to use it in your quest to achieve success - in any realm, from relationships to finances. In addition, the application of these laws can aid you in developing efficient problem solving skills. They can help you to manage, and even eliminate, the stressors in your life, and in general, they will help to improve your overall life by making you a happier and more contented person.

This is not a book that tells you what to do to achieve x,y, or z. Rather it teaches you skills and provides a philosophical framework from which you can become a more centered person and to channel your energies more efficiently, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will reach your goals and achieve the success that you seek. As well, by applying Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to your life, you will become a more productive person and improve your chances of reaching your goals. In addition, these laws will also help you to unleash your creativity, improve your life, and to become a more spiritual person - no matter what your religion is.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is an inspiring and uplifting book that you will want to read over and over again, and one that you are sure to find yourself recommending to your friends and relatives. Chopra's writing is clear and you will find it very easy to understand the principals behind these seven laws and to incorporate them into your everyday life. You will also find that this book will change how you look at yourself and the world around you and it will forever change your life - for the better!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is available from Read How You Want, an on-demand publisher that makes books available in a variety of formats including Braille, DAISY, and five different large print formats. This range of formats makes this, and other books, available to not only visually impaired individuals, but also anyone with a reading or physical disability that makes reading standard print books difficult.

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