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Deception Point
By Dan Brown

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Deception Point

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Deception Point
By Dan Brown
Thorndike Press - Large Print Edition (2006)
ISBN: 0-7862-8229-0
Genre: Techno-Thriller

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - February 24, 2006

Dan Brown once again hits a home-run with Deception Point, a pulse pounding thriller that is hard to put down. Brown, the author of Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons, and The Da Vinci Code, once again take readers on a race to find the truth. In this case, something is buried in the arctic ice that might prove that extraterrestrial life exists. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) spotted it with one of their satellites, and they want to be the ones to recover it. To uncover the object, which turns out to be a meteor, and claim it for the United States will have far reaching implications, both for American politics and for American space policy. If the US is not the first to claim this hidden prize - the implications could be global!

From the waters beneath the Arctic Ocean to the halls of the White House, the race to the arctic will touch many lives. Juxtaposed against this race, is a race of another kind. President Zachary Herney is running for re-election and his return to the White House is far from assured. Running against him is Senator Sedgwick Sexton, a man whose platform includes reduced funding for NASA and who advocated the private funding of space exploration. Should he win, NASA would soon become an antiquated acronym. Herney knows that if the meteor in the arctic is as rare as NASA claims, it could not only give him the election but ensure that NASA is at the forefront of space exploration for the foreseeable future. Yet, the question remains, what is it exactly that NASA thinks is in the arctic, and is it as monumental and rare as they claim. If Herney breaks the news too soon and the claims turn out to be untrue, he will be giving the election to Sexton, but if the information is valid, it could ensure his win - what is a politician to do?

This book has a little bit of everything from political back-stabbing to love interests to deceit in large measures. As you would expect, solving the riddle of the meteor is more complicated than it would first appear. For instance, one of the team members sent to verify the presence of the meteor and the veracity of NASA's contentions as to its origins and implications, is Rachel Sexton. She is the daughter of the Senator running for election, and the question remains to be answered, if the meteor is what NASA claims it to be, will Rachel's loyalty lay with the truth, or her father? Rachel's role in this story becomes even more intriguing when she, along with another team member, Michael Tolland, become targets for assassination when they question the meteor's value. Hunted by the assassins, Rachel and Tolland are forced to flee across the deadly arctic ice. If they are right and the meteor is a fake or just a hunk of rock, the question becomes, who planted it and why? Could it all be a ploy to get Sexton elected so that the private sector can supplant NASA, or is an even more devious plot underfoot?

Suffice it to say that Brown keeps you guessing throughout the book, and when he finally reveals all the answers, you come away satiated and eager for his next offering. Deception Point is an excellent read that not only entertains, but which also offers a plausible conspiracy theory that is ripe for taking on a life of its own. The story is suspenseful, somewhat believable, and it will get your blood pumping. A good old-fashioned adventure yarn that is perfect for a time when you want a little excitement, but don't want to get out of your easy chair!

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