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A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction

By Jon Stewart and the Writers of the Daily Show

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AMERICA (The Audiobook)

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AMERICA (The Audiobook)
A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction

By Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin and David Javerbaum
Read by Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, and a special introduction by Thomas Jefferson
Time Warner AudioBooks, 2004
An abridged recording on 3 CDs
ISBN: 1-58621-701-1
Genre: Comedy
Other editions: Standard Print (Hardcover) | Standard Print (Paperback)

Reviewed by Carmella Cruz - November 11, 2004

First and foremost, a word of caution, I do not recommend listening to AMERICA while driving, you will be laughing so hard it will bring tears to your eyes and make driving difficult.

>From the first utterance to the last syllable, I laughed. This is an ingenuous and hilarious retelling of the history of democracy in American as told by Jon Stewart and the cast of the Daily Show. The Daily Show is fake news broadcast on the Comedy Channel. The show has been the recipient of both the Emmy and the Peabody Award.

The Daily Show gives us a look at fake news, AMERICA gives us a look at fake history with just enough truth to make you think, reason, and chuckle. You really have to listen carefully to extrapolate the nuggets of truth, as they are seamlessly blended into Stewart's telling of history. When you do subtract fact from fiction, it makes the comedy all the more pertinent.

This satirical romp though the evolution of democracy in America is told with such an air of sincerity that the listener is drawn into feeling that what is being said may really be truth. From our founding fathers and mothers to the absurdities of our political process, everything is fair game. History is told through a parody of a history textbook and is complete with discussion questions and classroom activities.

As this Audio Book is abridged, I now have to read the hard cover to see what little gems I may have missed.

Please be advised that the book is peppered with the liberal use of profanity. If you are offended by strong language, I urge you to bypass the profanity and enjoy the rest of the book.

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