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By James Siegel
Read by Holter Graham

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By James Siegel
Read by Holter Graham
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2005)
An Abridged Recording on 5 CDs
ISBN: 1-58621-748-8
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Herbert White - March 9, 2005

Detour, by James Siegel, is the newest novel by the author of the bestselling thriller, Derailed. This fast-paced, hard-hitting story about an adoptive couple who begin a fairytale life with their new daughter, a life that quickly goes horribly wrong. Like many couples who have trouble conceiving, Paul and Joanna Breidbart eventually resorted to trying everything under the sun to conceive - including invasive medial procedures, but all to no avail. Giving up hope of ever having a child of their own, the couple travels to Colombia to adopt a baby. At last they are a complete family, and they are throughly enthralled with Joelle, their new daughter.

Their happiness is destroyed, however, when they are kidnaped by Columbian drug lords who claim to be revolutionaries. Paul is given the choice of becoming a drug mule or seeing his wife and new daughter murdered. As you would expect, Paul accepts their offer, and ferries a batch of cocaine into the United States - transporting the drugs in his stomach. When he arrives at the drop-off point, he is faced with a burned out house and no one to deliver the drugs to.

From here on, the action is nonstop as Paul tries to figure out how to save his wife and new daughter. To this end, he appeals for help from the Jewish lawyer who arranged the adoption and from a Russian Mobster. Together the three men try to find a solution to Paul's predicament - while trying not to get killed in the process. How Paul and his friends solve the myriad of problems facing the Breidbart's will keep you on the edge of your seat. Full of surprising twists and turns, Siegel keeps the action moving by giving Paul a time limit in which to find a solution to this deadly dilemma.

This abridged, audio edition of Detour is expertly read by Holter Graham, who is an experience audiobook reader and actor. His reading brings the heart-racing action of Detour to life.

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