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Growing Up King
By Dexter Scott King with Ralph Wiley

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Growing Up King: An Intimate Memoir

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Growing Up King: An Intimate Memoir
By Dexter Scott King with Ralph Wiley
Read by Dexter Scott King
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2002)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-200-1
Genre: Memoir

Reviewed by Leo Johnston - February 5, 2003

Growing Up King is Dexter Scott King's mesmerizing memoir. It was written in collaboration with the famous African American writer, Ralph Wiley. Dexter, the youngest son of Martin Luther King Jr., gives readers an intimate look into what life was like for him, growing up in the shadow of his father's powerful legacy. Growing Up King is read by Dexter, himself, and the full force of his convictions and feelings come through with incredible clarity.

While a great deal of biographical information about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is presented in this book, it is first and foremost, Dexter's story. In this memoir, Dexter talks about what it was like to have to live up to the King name. He also talks about how he felt about this - and what it was like when he felt he failed to meet these standards. Children of famous people often have a tumultuous life, because they feel that they are living in a shadow that they can never emerge from. Growing Up King chronicles Dexter's efforts to emerge from his father's shadow and to become his 'own' person.

During Dexter's discourse about his father and his legacy, he also touches upon the many conspiracy theories relating to his father murder. He also talks about the numerous people that surrounded his father, both family members and famous personalities. Interwoven with these historical details, Dexter also provides insights into how the King legacy is being put into action today.

This is a passionate, eloquent, and rousing story, one which will help you gain insights into Dr. King's legacy, and how this legacy has touched his family. This book also presents Dr. King from a unique perspective - that of his son, rather than via the romanticized or stalwart historical accounts presented by those who studied - but who never knew - Dr. King. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Dr. King's legacy!

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