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Fashionable Fits Over Sunglasses
Dioptics Solar Shields

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Fashionable Fits Over Sunglasses
Dioptics' SolarShields

From Eschenbach

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

Protecting your eyes against UV (Ultra Violet) light is necessary to help prevent damage to the eyes. For those who already have an underlaying vision problem, protecting your eyes from UV light is even more vital as you don't want to do anything that might exacerbate your condition. So, you ask, why not just wear regular sunglasses? What benefit is there in wearing fits overs? The answer is relatively simple, no matter what filter tint you choose, conventional sunglasses allow UV light to reach the eye from the top and in through the periphery of the frames. Fit overs, however, help to shield the eyes from these extraneous sources of UV light by incorporating side shields and a top bill in the frames.

Dioptics' SolarShields

Fits Over sunglasses have a reputation of being bulky and less than fashionable. This is a reputation, however, that is rapidly changing with the introduction of fits overs such as Dioptics' SolarShield Fits Over Sunglasses. These fits over sunglasses come in stylish, light weight frames that have soft, comfortable temples that are flexible, which allows them to be adjusted for a custom fit. These SolarShield sunglasses are designed to fit over prescription eye glasses, they provide UV protection, and they come in a variety of sizes and filter colors. Dioptics distributes two different lines of SolarShields. Their retail line comes in two filter tints: grey and amber, and these Dioptics SolarShields are available from retailers across the country. Their other line, which is the focus of this review, is provided to eye care and rehabilitation professions for use by their clients who have a visual impairment. This line features fits overs that come in four filter tints: gray, amber, orange, and yellow.

Frame Styles

Dioptics' line of SolarShield Fits Over Sunglasses for the visually impaired are available in three frame styles. All three styles of frames come in a Tortoise color. This color can best be described as a molted mix of browns, with distinct splatters of light and dark brown. All these frames have sunglass lenses in the front, similar to regular sunglasses. However, they also have small side lenses with the same sunglass tint as the front lenses. The way the frame is made, it wraps around your prescription (Rx) glasses to provide side protection. With normal sunglasses, you often get a lot of light seeping in from the periphery. In addition, the fits over sunglasses also features a top bar, which is sort of like a small bill that faces the forehead. This bar helps to prevent light from seeping in from the top. In total, these fits over sunglasses provide 360 degrees of protection.

Available Sizes

These stylish, tortoise colored frames come in three sizes: Aviator (large), Cateye (medium), and Oval (small). The size you need is determined by the size of your prescription eye glasses. Once you find the size that best fits over your eye glasses, the temple arms can be adjusted, so that they fit your head comfortably.


The lenses in the Dioptics Solar Shields are made of polycarbonate plastic, and they are available in four tints. All four lense tints block 100% of UVA and UVB sunlight. The four available tints are: All four of these tints are beneficial in a variety of everyday situations, both indoor and out, and for a variety of visual impairments. For example, all for tints can benefit individuals with macular degeneration, the yellow, orange, and amber tints can benefit those with retinitis pigmentosa, and the grey tinted lenses can be useful for those with glaucoma. (These are general recommendations, your eye care provider can help you to determine which tints are best for your unique situation and needs.) In addition, all these filter tints provide protection against ultraviolet light, which can damage the eyes. For many visually impaired individuals, the tints that provide blue light protection will prove especially valuable as they will help to reduce glare. Additionally, there is some evidence that blue light is especially bad for people with retinal problems and may even contribute to the development of macular degeneration.

In Conclusion

I found the Dioptics SolarShield Fits Over Sunglasses to be attractive and I feel that both men and women will find the tortoise colored frames acceptable. Most important, these fit over sunglasses are extremely comfortable to wear. To get the best fit, you may need to make some adjustments to the temple arm. This is a very easy task to perform. All that is required to make these adjustments is to bend the flexible temple arm inward, for a tighter fit, or outward, for a looser fit. If you over correct the adjustment, it is simple to bend the arm back the other way. Significantly, these fit over sunglasses are light in weight and do not bite into your nose while you are wearing them, making it possible to wear them, comfortably, over long periods or while engaging jarring activities such as jogging or hiking.

While reviewing the SolarShield Fits Over Sunglasses , we put them through a series of tests to see how well they would hold up. From what we found, it appears that the Dioptics SolarShield Fits Over Sunglasses should stand up to years of normal use, if you take common precautions to protect the sunglasses. For instance, the lenses are made from a polycarbonate material, which means they are a form of plastic lense and hence they will scratch fairly easily, just like the plastic lenses in prescription eyeglasses. To protect them from scratches you should always store them in a case and clean them with soap and water and never wipe them off with a shirt or like item.

In conclusion, I feel that the Dioptics SolarShield Fits Over sunglasses are well-made and very comfortable to wear, making them an excellent choice for visually impaired individuals who wear prescription eye glasses and who are seeking a fashionable pair of fit over sunglasses in any of the four basic filter tints of gray, amber, yellow, or orange.

For more information about these Fits Over sunglasses, visit the Dioptics' SolarShield website at: or contact your eye care provider or rehabilitation specialist.

This review was originally published - September 1, 2004

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