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Thief of Time
By Terry Pratchett

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Thief of Time
A Discworld Novel
By Terry Pratchett
F. A. Thorpe - Charnwood Large Print Edition, (2002)
ISBN: 07089-9403-2
Genre: Fantasy

Other Editions: Standard Print - Hardcover | Standard Print - Paperback | Audio Cassette - Unabridged

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - March 26, 2003

The Thief of Time is the twenty-sixth novel in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. In keeping with the eclectic nature of the Discworld series, time is a resource to be managed, saved, and created. It is also a resource that can be stopped, with horrific results. The Monks of History have the honored job of managing time - including mining it from the wells of time, and transferring it to the places where it is needed. While the Monks of History manage time, it falls to Lu-Tze and Lobsang Ludd, a former thief and present day novice monk, to stop time from stopping.

In this disarming tale, the clockmaker Jeremy Clockson is commissioned to construct the most accurate time piece ever made. As an added bonus, once constructed, this time piece will also be able to capture time, thereby stopping time. Should this happen, everyone will be in a lot of trouble! Enter Lu-Tze and Lobsang Ludd, who with aid of Death's granddaughter, tackle the project of stopping the perfect clock from ever being built. Lu-Tze has encountered a similar problem before, so it wouldn't be any trouble for him to stop time from being stopped, or will it?

The Thief of Time is peopled with a host of intriguing characters, many of which make reprisals of their roles from previous Discworld novels, including the vivacious Susan, the granddaughter of Death. If time stops, Death will be out of a job, hence he commissions his granddaughter to stop the creation of the clock. One of the numerous 'old' characters you'll re-meet is the devious Lady LeJean. During the course of this novel, Pratchett will finally reveal the mysterious secret that surrounds this intriguing villainess. You'll also meet some new characters, such as Ronnie, the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. If you've not heard of him, don't feel naive. According to Pratchett, Ronnie left the group before it became famous!

Imaginative, fast-pace, humorous, and thought provoking, the Thief of Time is impossible to put down. Although this is the 26th book in the Discworld series, it is as innovative and enthralling as the very first book in the series. This tale is full of twists and turns so sharp that you never see them coming until you are upon them. In short, Pratchett's imagination is still running at full throttle, and the vibrancy of this writing has only improved over time. If you've not read any of the previous Discworld novels, you should be able to follow this book with any trouble. However, if you've not already done so, you'll want to go back and read the previous novels in this series after finishing this delightfully dark fantasy.

Thief of Time can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of F. A. Thorpe - Charnwood. You can also buy this book by contacting Ulverscroft via email at:

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