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Dreamland: Armageddon
By Dale Brown and Jim Defelice

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Dreamland: Armageddon
By Dale Brown and Jim Defelice
Magna Large Print Books, 2006
ISBN: 0-7505-2564-9
Genre: Techo-Thriller, Suspense

Reviewed by Herbert White - November 14, 2006

Dale Brown and Jim Defelice's Dreamland series continues in high fashion with Dreamland: Armageddon, the sixth book in this thrilling series. Like all the books in the series, this book can be read a stand-alone novel, however you'll want to go back at some point, and read the rest of the series. In this addition to the series, we once again meet up with ace pilot Captain Breanna "Rap" Stockard, her husband Zen and a host of other characters that have populated the series, including Lieutenant Colonel Tecumesh "Dog" Bastian. In this adrenaline packed adventure we find that Breanna is in the process of training a cadre of pilots of the Brunei Air Force to fly the Megafortress aircraft. The training is taking place in Brunei, while Breanna's husband is back in the States working at Dreamland, a secret, high tech, Air Force weapons research facility. That is, until he shows up unexpectedly in Brunei to surprise her. Their short reunion turns deadly when they are the subjects of a kidnaping attempt.

Together, Breanna and Zen, who is confined to a wheelchair following an accident that robbed him of the use of his legs, must get to the bottom of the kidnaping plot. What they discover is worse than just a simple plot. They stumble upon a major arms deal, which in turn leads them to a lethal terrorist plot that lead to Armageddon.

Dreamland: Armageddon is a well-plotted, fast paced thriller that takes you to the edge and back again. Building upon real world scenarios and peppered with believable weaponry and gadgets, Brown and Defelice have crafted a real winner with this new installment in the Dreamland saga. The characters are a little more 'alive' than in some of the other Dreamland novels, which helps to fill out the story line. A lot of attention is given to the relationship between Breanna and Zen and how she is torn between her career goals and her feelings that she should be spending all her time taking care of the crippled Zen - something that he does not want, nor need.

Dreamland: Armageddon is a fun, fast read. The story is exciting; the action intense, and the authors leave you wanting more. A craving that can easily be settled as at least two additional books in the series have recently been published, namely Satan's Tail and End Game. Unfortunately, however, these last to installments have not yet (to the best of my knowledge) been released in large print. Dreamland: Armageddon is a must read for both fans of the Dreamland series, as well as for fans of Browns other novels.

Dreamland: Armageddon can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of Magna Large Print Books.

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