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Daylight Floorstanding Lamp
From Daylight™

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Daylight Floorstanding Lamp Daylight Floorstanding Lamp
Model #U23030-01
From Daylight™

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - May 13, 2010

If you are looking for a new or replacement task lamp, consider a Daylight lamp. The Daylight Company produces a series of lamps that feature an innovative Daylight bulb that provides a light source that is akin to natural daylight. One of their newer products is the Daylight Floorstanding Lamp. This lamp is designed to be used as a task light, rather than for area lighting. It comes complete with a removable magnifier that features a 5", 1.75X magnifying lens, making it ideal for use by those with low vision for just about everything from reading to applying nail polish. It is also an ideal light for crafting and hobby activities that require excellent lighting, and which can be aided by the use of a magnifier.

The Daylight Floorstanding Lamp (Model #U23030-01) is available in white, comes standard with a wheeled base for easy maneuverability, and features an innovative 'easy-twist' feature that allows you to quickly position the lamp head in whatever direction you desire - giving you the ability to direct the light exactly where you want it to shine. The accompanying magnifier is on an 'easy-twist' arm that extends for a bit over a foot, allowing you to quickly and accurately 'twist' the arm so that the magnifier is in the best position for your needs. The magnifier is rimless, providing a crystal clear, unobstructed viewing area.

The best feature of the lamp is, of course, the light. The Daylight Floorstanding Lamp comes with a flicker-free, energy saving 18w Daylight™ compact fluorescent tube bulb that is equivalent in strength to a standard 100w bulb. In addition, the tube is protected by a plastic sheath, so that you don't have to worry about knocking into it when pursuing hobby or craft activities. As well, I found that the light produces only a negligible amount of heat, making the light comfortable and safe to work under for long periods of time. Perhaps of most interest, especially for those with low vision, is that the Daylight bulbs, in addition to providing a lighting source akin to natural daylight, also help to minimize glare and reduce eyestrain.

I found the Daylight Floorstanding Lamp to be an attractive looking floor lamp. It comes in white, and it has a modern, sleek design that allows it to effortlessly fit into almost any decorating scheme. It is sturdy, stable, and heavy enough so that it is hard to tip over. Being on wheels, it is easy to move the lamp around the house or office as you tackle different tasks throughout the day and because you can position the head in any direction, you can always be sure of having light just where you need it.

This floor lamp stands about 45 inches tall, necessitating that you position it in front or to the side of you for most uses, especially if you want to use the accompanying magnifier. As a task lamp, this is an ideal height for most uses. However, if you want to use it as a reading lamp, and have the light shine from over your shoulder, you may find the lamp to be a smidgen too short if you have a high-backed chair or sofa. Even so, with some experimentation, you will find that thanks to the maneuverability of the lamp head and its wheeled base, in most case you will be able to place the lamp to the side of your chair and still get the 'over the shoulder' lighting that is often recommended for reading.

Whether you have low vision and are seeking an optimal reading light, or a crafter looking for a superb task light, I think that you'll find the Daylight Floorstanding Lamp will meet your needs!

Where to Get Your Daylight Lamp

The Daylight Floorstanding Lamp, and many other fine lamps and accessories can be purchased directly from the Daylight company via their online store at: To enter the store, go to their website and when their home page loads, simply click on the picture on the left to enter their home store, and if you are looking for products for the work environment, click on the picture on the right.

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