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Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp
From Daylight™

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Daylight Ultimate Floorstanding Lamp Daylight Ultimate Floorstanding Lamp
Antique - Model #U21098
From Daylight™

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 7, 2011

Elegant, multi-functional, and suitable for every decor, the Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp is a must-have item for anyone desirous of a full spectrum, natural light source - indoors.

The hallmark of this outstanding lamp is its unique full-spectrum, energy saving 20w Daylight bulb. This bulb produces a natural light that is akin to natural daylight. It is clear and bright, yet manages to minimize glare while producing the equivalent light of your average 100W bulb. The bulb is corkscrew shaped in design. However unlike most compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, which take forever to reach full strength, the Daylight bulb comes on immediately, at full strength, just like the old incandescent bulbs. Best of all, the Daylight bulb produces very little heat and stays relatively cool to the touch - although you should never touch the bulb!

How Does it Look?

The lamp itself features an antique finish and comes with a white shade. The base is round and comes with six optional wheels. From this base emerges two offset rods. One rod is affixed to the base, with the second, free standing rod, attached to the first via two brackets. This second rod can be slid up and down through the brackets allowing to raise or lower the overall height of the lamp. As well, attached to this movable rod is a gooseneck arm that holds the lamp head. The gooseneck enables you to easily position the lamp in any direction that you want, giving you the option of using it as a task, area, or spot light. Combined, this Ultimate Floor Lamp adheres to the minimalism style of design, allowing the lamp to easily fit into any decor.

Low Vision and Reading

The Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp is a nice, tall lamp, coming in at about 65 inches, and the gooseneck that hold the light is about 25 inches long, giving you a lot of wiggle room when it comes to positioning the light exactly where you want it. When it comes to reading, it is recommended that you position the light so that it will shine down, over your shoulder, an easy task to accomplish with this lamp. The only drawback to this position is that if you are using a handheld magnifier when you are reading, you might find that you'll see a reflection of the bulb in your magnifier. So you might need to set the light slightly off center from your reading material. With a little trial and error you'll soon find the perfect position for the light, and I think that you'll find that the Daylight bulb that comes with the lamp will make it easier for you to read. The light is very bright without being 'glary' and the light will help increase the contrast between the words on the page and the page itself.

Optional Features

In the realm of function, you can use this floor lamp for a variety of purposes, ranging from a reading light to an accent light. This lamp also comes with three useful attachments that are extremely practical items to have if you want to use this lamp as a hobby lamp. These optional attachments included a compartmentalized, covered tray that includes hooks that can be used for hanging embroidery floss and similar items. There is also a removable, giant clamp that is attached to a gooseneck arm. The clamp can be used to hold instructions, papers, even a paperback book. Lastly, this lamp comes with a removable 5 inch, 1.75X magnifier that is attached to the end of a foot and a half long gooseneck arm, making this a practical lamp for low vision users while also proving useful to crafters and hobbyist that can benefit from a little extra magnification when working with small or detailed items. One of the nicest features of these three attachments is that they can easily be added or removed from the stalk of the floor lamp, allowing you to readily transform the lamp into a hobby lamp, and then quickly back into an accent piece when company shows up.

As mentioned previously, this floor lamp also comes with six optional wheels. Unless you plan to use this lamp solely as an accent light, I highly recommend using the wheels. This will enable you to easily move the lamp around your home and office, to provide light when and where needed. Without the wheels, you'll find that this floor lamp is a bit on the heavy side - the base weighs somewhere around 15 pounds - insuring that it will not easily tip over. However, this makes it difficult to move the lamp around if you are simply trying to pick it up and manhandle it into another position! With the wheels, however, it moves very easily, even on carpet.

In Conclusion

The Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp is ideal for use in any room in your home, or in your office. It is attractive, yet unintrusive, and it provides you with an outstanding source of near natural light, indoors. The unique Daylight bulb produces a light that will not only help to reduce eye-strain, but which also provides for greater contrast, allowing you to see items in greater detail and to work for longer periods without needing to take an 'eye' break. Whether you are looking for an accent light, a light to use for hobby or crafting activities, or for reading, this is a floor lamp that looks as if it will stand up to years of use, while still looking fresh and which will provide you with a practical light source no matter what your lighting needs are.

Where to Get Your Ultimate Table Top Lamp

The Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp, and many other fine lamps and accessories, can be purchased directly from the Daylight company via their online store at:

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